10 Suprising Foods That Are More Than Healthy For Your Teeth

How often do you pay attention to your oral health – teeth? Oral hygiene is a vital basic routine that should be followed to prevent infections that cause bad breath amongst other problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, dental carries among others.

We all know the secret to healthy teeth: brush regularly, floss regularly, keep sugars to a minimum, and visit your dentist at least twice a year for a checkup. However, the food you eat can also play a part in maintaining a healthy mouth and, while no food will ever replace the need to brush, there are some that are surprisingly healthy for your teeth.

In this article, I will reveal some amazing foods that you may be surprised to know, are great for your teeth that no one has told you about. Interestingly, some of these foods are classified as ‘condemned’ for being ‘bad’ for your dental health.

Top 10 Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

1. Chewing Gum


Whether or not this qualifies as a food is debatable, and I would strongly advise against swallowing it. However, as many advertisements promise, chewing gum is indeed good for your teeth, provided it is sugar-free. This is because chewing speeds up saliva production, which in turn helps rinse away harmful acids more effectively. As an added bonus, it makes your breath smell better.

2. Yoghurt

Unsweetened natural yoghurt makes a great healthy breakfast or snack. For the benefit of your teeth, yoghurt contains both casein and calcium, which strengthen enamel and help repair it if it happens to be damaged.

3. Cheese


Cheese is great for your teeth. Not only does it have high levels of phosphate and calcium, which naturally strengthen teeth and bones, but it also helps balance the pH level in your mouth, which means less harmful acid, more cleansing saliva and fewer cavities.

4. Sugarcane

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Personally, I really don’t find sugarcane as a fun fruit to consume. Most times chewing on that piece of sugarcane could be harder than expected. The fact that you have to throw away the waste even makes it harder. However, knowing the amazing benefits especially that of oral care makes me give it a try once in a while. Chewing sugarcane will be a natural way of brushing your teeth as well as exercising your jaws while firming the gum. Besides, chewing sugarcane enhances saliva production, which helps in rinsing bad bacteria from your mouth.

5. Salmon

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Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for good oral health, as it effectively allows your body to better absorb calcium and put it to good use throughout your body. Salmon is packed full of both Vitamin D and calcium, making it an all-round superfood for helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

6. Carrots

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Carrots have been hailed a cavity fighting vegetable, as munching on sticks of crunchy, raw carrot acts as a natural toothbrush. The chewing action massages your gums, and this bright vegetable is high in plaque-attacking keratin as well as  Vitamin A, which is crucial for strengthening delicate tooth enamel. All-in-all it’s a good choice for an in-between-meal snack.

7. Apples

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Familiar with the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” right? Apples are one fruit that is packed with so many health benefits. Owing to their high acid content, apples are often mistaken as bad for your teeth. However, these fruits are rich in natural sugars which assist in neutralizing harmful acids that may be in the mouth. Besides, chewing apples activates saliva production, thus, aiding in rinsing bad bacteria from your mouth. Further, they help in firming gum and keeping it healthy as they are packed with vitamins. So, next time you grab an apple, know you are not only keeping a general doctor away, but a dentist too will be at bay.

8. Sesame Seeds

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Sesame seeds are rich in calcium. Thus they will enhance your teeth’s strength. By chewing them, you will be helping in scrubbing plaque from your teeth. You can choose to chew them independently or have them baked in bread. Either way, you will reap their benefits, especially to your teeth. However, after chewing sesame seeds, ensure you remove any that may get stuck in between your teeth.

9. Onions

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Raw onion is incredibly healthy for you, and as an added bonus, the antibacterial sulphur compounds contained in an onion will kill the harmful bacteria on your teeth. But you might want to chew gum afterwards!

10. Strawberries

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Strawberries are sweet, acidic and tend to stain things red, so how can they possibly be good for your teeth? Strawberries contain malic acid, which is actually a good natural whitener for enamel-eating strawberries will actually help keep your teeth free of stains. Just be mindful that strawberry seeds can get stuck between your teeth, so make sure you floss after eating them.

Dental health should never be ignored. Besides going for professional dental cleaning, scaling and plaque removal and treating periodontal diseases amongst other services, it is  recommended that you avoid certain habits that could harm to your teeth such as the use of excessive alcohol and tobacco. It is indeed beneficial to always strive to observe a good oral hygiene for that healthy smile.

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