3 harmful effects of earphones

Thanks to digital technology, I bet you would agree with me that the world has indeed become a better place to live in. However, there are growing concerns in many circles that this might not just be the case. Many are beginning to see that in spite of the development that has come to our world through the increase in scientific knowledge and its application in technology, there are a lot of dangers that threaten the very cause of human existence. Don’t be quick to think I am referring to the advent of nuclear power which many developed nations are looking to harness and forget the extreme use of your everyday equipment. In the more recent times, there have been growing concerns in the medical world about the number of people who will need medical attention in the coming years because of hearing loss due to the damage of the ears.
The ear is the organ responsible primarily for hearing and then, balance. The ear is divided into three parts each having its own function. The external ear is responsible for collecting sound, the middle ear amplifies and transmit sound, while the inner ear maintains balance and contains sensory nerve endings which detects sound. Do you know that one of the ways by which modern day technology is harming us is by the extreme use of earphones?


Here are the harmful effects:
1 ) Loss of hearing
One thing we cannot deny is the fact that earphones have enabled us to listen to music wherever and whenever we desire. However, many people expose themselves to the risk of losing their ability to hear by the improper use of these earphones. Health experts  have said that about 1.1 billion young people are in danger of losing their hearing ability because of audio devices which include ipods, mp3 players, smartphones and extremely high levels of sound at places like concerts where the noise levels can be as high as 120 decibels for hours. When you use earphones, the sound produced from your audio device will directly hit your eardrum. This is not a problem if the sound level is not more than 90 decibels. However, once the sound level begins to exceed this limit, damage is gradually being done to the ears. For safety reasons, health experts have said that a person should not use earphones for more than 15 minutes at a time. The ears should be allowed to rest intermittently every 15 minutes when using earphones.

2) Ear infections
Many people share their earphones with their friends, family members and the likes. As much as there is love in sharing, this habit predisposes you to having ear infections. The reason for this is because there are bacteria that live in the ears and so when you share earphones, you risk contracting bacteria from other people’s ears.
3) Brain problems
Also, certain scientific studies have shown that using earphones exposes our brains to harmful electromagnetic waves. There is really no definite proof for this; but then, some studies have been able to show that people who use earphones excessively are more prone to brain problems than those who do not use earphones improperly.
Personally, using earphones that are very small and cover my ears completely were my favourite. This was because the design of these earphones ensured that the sound produced did not escape out of my ear giving me a better feel of the music I was listening to. Recently, I changed my mind about using such earphones when I read studies that proved that these designs of earphones could cause ear infections or ear wax build up until hearing is eventually lost.

Know that your actions today will have consequences tomorrow. If possible, totally avoid using earphones but if you must (like me), ensure that you don’t use it for more than 60 minutes in a day at no more than 60% volume. When using earphones, make sure you are able to hear someone else speak at a level appropriate for relaxed talk from about four feet away even while using the earphones. If this is not the case, then the volume is just too loud. Watch the volume of whatever you are listening to even if you are not on earphones. Protect your ears. You really don’t know the value of a thing until you lose it.

Probably you know more harmful effects of earphones, please feel free to share in the comment section below.