4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Lie to Your Doctor

Have you ever been in that awkward situation where you are with your family doctor that sometimes has Sunday rice with the family? And you know he birthed you from your mother, and still hangs out with your dad. So what do you do when he asks for sexual history? Well we know the easiest thing to do is Lie to the Doctor!!! Right? Ugh…. Nope. Wrong answer.

Doctor diagnosis
Trust your doctor?

Just like your priest/pastor or parent, your doctor has the opportunity to ask the most personal questions. Whether you are speaking in faith, or just being evasive, keeping your doctor in the dark has only bad news for you. Unfortunately, you might actually put the poor physician in trouble too. For whatever reason you might feel justified to withhold information from your doctor, there is one cogent one not to: death. The worst scenario is not just a mild misdiagnosis; your life can be on the line.


Okay, maybe we need to break it down further

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lie To Your Doctor

  1. Misdiagnosis: For every wrong information you give your doctor you run the risk of being wrongly diagnosed. This might not seem like such a big deal only if you don’t know the repercussions. A misdiagnosis at the very least will leave you feeling sick for a long time. On the other hand, if an emergency situation arises from improper treatment and another doctor discovers the erroneous treatment it could be terrible for the doctor who diagnosed.
  2. Complications: Imagine going through an illegal abortion, and you don’t come clean with your physician. Where proper measures need to be taken to avoid worsening problems or additional infections wrong information makes all the difference. A mere infection if left unproperly attended can become cause for amputating a limb. That’s why lying or whit holding information from your doctor is at the risk of your own life. Even when dwelling on faith, remember that heaven helps those who helps themselves.
  3. Prolonged hospital stay 
    Hospital ward
    Wanna avoid being admitted unduly?

    When you think you are being mildly evasive, you might be getting a ticket to a longer, highly unproductive hospital time. Your doctor will spend so much time and resources looking for something that could have been solved in two lines of conversation.

  4. Economics
    economics and cash
    Losing money to bad wrong diagnosis?

     : Lying to a physician is quite an expensive gesture, to both parties. Simply because misinformation results in misdiagnosis and of course the wrong line of treatment. Treatment that will, of course, not work. So you’d have to pay multiple consultation fees and even buy multiple medication which might even worsen your condition on the long run.

  5. Death
    Do not let some shyness or fear get you here faster than you should.

    Death is the ultimate end. A lot of people refuse to see a doctor or take medication thanks to faith or some other beliefs. As much as these things do work for some people, countless lives are lost to this practice. Hiding information out of fear or a false sense of pride in personal methods can be the ultimate risk that you wont recover from.

If you are going to trust someone with your life then you might as well give them the right tools to handle it. When going to see a doctor we need to be as clear and concise and honest as possible. At the very least, if you can’t trust your physician to maintain professional ethics, get another one! We have only one life to live, so why risk it? Stay healthy.

Kindly leave your thoughts and comments below on what you feel about concealing.What factors will make you lie or withhold information from your doctor.