4 Signs You’re Eating Way Too Much Sugar

No doubt sugar taste good.

Added sugar in food is what is responsible for the sweet taste we enjoy and crave for and because it tastes so good, we sometimes find it a bit difficult from taking it in excess.

Sugar considered ”empty calories”, mainly because they don’t contain any useful nutrients and offer no nutritional value.

You’re probably wondering, since they do not contain any useful nutrients and offer no nutritional value whatsoever, why do I need to stay away or reduce the quantity?

Here’s the thing, taking too much sugary food will end up giving you calories that are detrimental to your health and get your weight skyrocketing.

Here are 6 signs to help you know when your sugary food intake is on the rise and there is a need for a decrease.

1. Weight gain

Since sugar has no fiber or protein, tendency that you’ll consume an excess of it is high because it does not leave you satisfied. So, there is a tendency to still want to consume more as these sugary foods can be unsatisfying. So, the more sugar we consume, the more calories we get.

Sugar prompts the release of insulin which transports it to the body organs to be used up for energy.

Too much sugary food, however, makes the body produce more insulin, which over time causes insulin resistance and this insulin resistance eventually leads to weight gain and obesity, which translates to diabetes over time in most cases, as the pancreas becomes overloaded.

2. Getting tired frequently

Glucose which results when sugar is broken down in the body is essential for energy production throughout the body.
When it is broken down into glucose, the pancreas releases insulin to help transfer glucose to the cells, meaning we may experience a rush of energy.

However, once the energy is used up, it eventually leads to a dip in energy as the body demands more sugar to start the cycle all over again.

So, the higher the sugar peak, the more extreme the resulting dip.

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3. Skin blemish

Because sugar serves as an inflammatory in the body, taking too much of it can cause various inflammatory skin issues, like eczema, dryness of the skin and lots more.

Also, it has a long-term damage to the skin proteins, collagen, and elastin, which can eventually lead to premature wrinkles and aging.

4. Craving sugar

Sugary foods are addictive and constantly taking them will lead to continuous craving and in the long run, the taste buds don’t feel the sharp taste in foods because you’ve gotten used to eating these foods.

So, if you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s probably time to cut down on your sugary food intake.

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