4 simple ways to lose weight really fast

In today’s 21st century, no one wants to be referred to as fat. Yet, the irony is that many people are still gaining weight unhealthily. There is nothing wrong in having some weight or even adding some as long as it is healthy.

So in a world almost full of obese people in which the media still celebrates slim “figures”, how do you lose weight quickly and easily. Here is how:

Don’t stop eating

Now that sounds like a huge mistake, doesn’t it? However, it is not. Skipping meals in a bid to lose weight often backfires. This is because the body interprets this strategy to mean that food is scarce and so it slows down metabolism in a bid to keep energy. In the end, even if you continue eating the same quantity of food, your body will not be quick in using calories as fuel which ends in weight gain instead of loss. However, eat more of protein, fat and vegetables.

Drink more water

You want to lose weight quickly? Drink sufficient water. Why? Your body uses water to metabolize stored fat.  Reduce your water intake and you make it more difficult for your body to burn calories. If you are seriously working on losing weight, taking eight glasses of water daily is the least you can do.

Don’t cut down on sleep

I hope now you are not about to stop reading because this sounds really funny. But then, cutting down on sleep will definitely make you fat. The reason is not just that you are liable to late-night snacks but it has been discovered that those who sleep less than four hours will have a slower metabolism than those who sleep for eight hours.

And yes, exercise

I almost forgot that. Now don’t cringe at the sight the “e” word. Even a five-minute walk will suffice; actually any form of walking will do. Avoid using the elevators, take the stairs; if you can, walk all the way to the office, just try as much as possible to make aerobic activities a part of your daily life and that way exercise would not be much of a big deal.

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  1. This write up is indeed simple to follow not just for those who want to loose weight but for a general wellbeing.love it