Why Daily Milk Intake is Beneficial

Have you ever heard the saying that “a glass of milk makes a whole meal?” Technically, it is considered as such because milk contains highly essential nutrients. So if you are used to taking coffee, consider cutting back on it and switching to milk. So how exactly does milk benefit the body? Here are five ways.

1. Milk helps with bone health

Drinking milk is associated with healthy bones. Firstly, milk is rich in calcium, an essential nutrient for bone growth and development and 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones and teeth. Secondly, milk is rich in phosphorus, protein, potassium, and vitamin K2. Milk is also a good source of magnesium and vitamin D. All of these nutrients combined are required to maintain strong and healthy bones.

Studies have found that milk and dairy consumption reduces the risk of osteoporosis and fractures, particularly in older adults. Protein is another key nutrient for bone health, and is abundant in milk. In fact, protein makes up about 50% of bone volume.

2. Milk helps with weight loss

If you have been struggling with excess weight, milk might help you. Milk has a variety of components that can contribute to weight loss and prevent weight gain. Firstly, its high protein content keeps you full for a reasonable time. This can then prevent overeating. Also, linoleic acid, another nutrient in milk, has been found to increase weight loss by stimulating fat breakdown and preventing fat production. In addition, many diets rich in calcium have been linked with a lower risk of overweight and obesity. Hence, if you incorporate whole milk into your diet, then it may help you shed some weight.

3. Milk aids muscle growth

Milk is also good at promoting muscle mass gain, primarily due to its rich protein content. It contains all nine essential amino acids. These include branched-chain amino acids that can help build the muscles, prevent muscle loss, and supply energy during exercise. Studies have found that a higher intake of milk and milk products has been linked to greater whole-body muscle mass and better physical performance in older adults. When drunk after a workout, milk helps the body to recover, repair muscles and ease muscle soreness.

4. Milk contributes to healthy teeth

As previously stated, most of the calcium in the body is found in the bones and teeth. Hence, nothing beats drinking milk to make your teeth stronger or to prevent damage. Reports suggest that having a glass of milk daily can help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Milk and other dairy products contain casein protein. This protein type and other nutrients, form a protective film on the enamel (outermost layer of the tooth). This coating helps ward off tooth decay caused by common bacterial acids.

5. It helps the aging process

Women especially experience a distinct decrease in metabolic rate as they age. Bone strength declines with age, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Fortunately, the combination of calcium and vitamin D obtained from milk help to boost bone mineralization as we age. Asides from osteoporosis, they also help to prevent sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle mass. It is therefore strongly suggested that milk is drunk daily to strengthen our musculoskeletal system.

A word from HealthFacts to you

Milk is a rich food that should be more appreciated and its benefits should be well-utilized. Instead of taking coffee, sodas, or alcohol, make it a habit to take milk every day.

Till next time, stay informed and stay healthy!

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