5 Breast sagging myths you need to drop NOW

Many ladies will do just about anything to have breasts that are in shape; perky breasts not sagging ones. For some reason most men might never understand, it adds to their confidence. Sadly, at some point in life especially as a lady grows older, those breasts will sag.


As days go by and the years roll by, the Cooper’s ligaments which are the connective tissue in the breasts responsible for keeping them in their shape eventually stretch out. Another reason given by a well-known plastic surgeon, Anne Taylor, is that breasts change gradually from having more breasts tissue to having more fat. This will make them appear deflated.

Like I said earlier, any lady reading this will do just about anything to out rightly prevent sagging breasts but seeing it is inevitable, I guess the race is now to delay it for as long as possible. That has been dealt with in a previous post. The focus today is on breast sagging myths.

A myth, according to Encarta Dictionaries, is simply a widely held but mistaken belief. Breast sagging myths have long been believed by many ladies but it’s time to “un-believe” them.

Here are the top 5 breast sagging myths out there

  • Small breasts don’t hang low: Ladies as far as I know do not want small breasts and those that have them have used this to help their confidence. As much as I would have loved to encourage this belief since it helps confidence levels stay high, I can’t because it is not true. Small breasts are subject to gravity too but not as much. One major reason this myth has been popular is simply because small breasts have less tissue pulling down than larger ones and so they sag a bit less. One important fact to know as regards breast sagging is that if you have more breast tissue compared to fat, your breasts will be less likely to hang low than if you have more fat than breast tissue.
  • There are some exercises that can keep your breasts from sagging: This might not be as popular as the first myth but for a lady who doesn’t want her breasts sagging, tell her this and she hits the gym immediately. Exercise is good but this is another myth. Why? Breasts don’t contain muscle so there is really no exercise that targets them specifically. However, chest muscle exercises especially the pectoralis major muscle located directly underneath the breasts can help elevate them, giving them a perkier appearance.
  • Wearing a bra can prevent sagging:

There is no proof or data to support the claim that certain bras such as push-up bras prevent sagging. Also, wearing a bra to bed will not keep your breasts in shape; at best, doing so is fine for comfort. However, wearing a sports bra is highly recommended during exercise. This is because the constant pull of gravity and the bouncing and movement during running can stretch breast tissue and cause sagging inevitably.

  • Breastfeeding can cause sagging: This is one of the most popular of the breast sagging myths and the most awful too. IT IS NOT TRUE! Experts have said that breastfeeding is not a risk factor for breast sagging. Do you want to know the real culprit? It’s the pregnancy itself! During pregnancy, breasts increase in size and stay enlarged with breastfeeding, but then they slowly shrink back down as soon as a woman is done nursing. It is that weight loss and deflation that make breasts sag
  • You can’t do anything to prevent sagging: As much as sagging is inevitable for many women, concrete steps can be taken to minimise it. Steps like maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, avoiding yo-yo dieting are steps that can prevent breasts from sagging.


So there you have it; 5 breasts sagging myths debunked in an instant. I believe this article has been helpful. If it has, kindly share with anyone you feel would need this information. Your thoughts and comments are also well appreciated. If you have a question on this article or any other health issue, feel free to ask our health experts here.

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