5 Complementary Therapies For Dealing With Asthma

Complementary therapies are any practices or products which are not part of ‘standard’ medical care (treatments offered by mainstream medicine). A complementary therapy can include treatments, medicine and different ideas and philosophies about why and how disease occurs and should be treated.

Some therapies have been well researched, while others require more investigation before we know if they are effective in helping with your asthma or not.

The following practices are usually referred to as complementary therapies not alternative therapies. This is because it’s always best to use them alongside (to complement) your prescribed medicines not instead of them (as an alternative).


Complementary therapies haven’t been studied as much as conventional medicines, so there’s not very much scientific evidence to show they work or that they’re even safe.

Never stop taking your usual asthma medicines unless your doctor or asthma nurse advises you to do so. This is because stopping your asthma medicines can cause your asthma symptoms to get worse and increase your risk of having an asthma attack.

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