5 Easy Home Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Getting a flat stomach with all the curves in the world is the best thing ever. If only it were that easy. How many women would cite indecent exposure if they had banging hot bodies?  The perfect shape, whether male or female, depends on impeccable abs.

Abs flat
Want some of this?

Women are on the receiving end of stomach fat because a lot of the fat gets stored in their lower regions. Unlike men who burn up most of their food and gain muscles, women have a harder time losing the food. Metabolism and lifestyle have a lot to do with getting a flat stomach and general body fitness. But a lot of work has to be put in by most people to be beachwear ready. Long office hours and economic struggles limit gym time and outdoor jogging.

Home exercises to the rescue now. Without breaking the bank for a gym membership you might never use, or an expensive diet, how do you get your ripped abs?


5 Highly Effective No-Equipment Home Workouts for a Flat Stomach

  1. Planks
    Working towards a flat stomach
    Basic planks

    Planks are by far one of the most versatile, most effective full body workouts ever. And the best part is you really don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is lay straight as a plank on your elbows and toes. If you do it well enough though, you are sure to feel the bite pretty soon. Start small say from 30 second planks or 1-minute planks and gradually work your way to longer times and a flat stomach.

  2. Crunchesget fit

    This simple core-engaging exercise has involves pulling in the stomach in order to get the muscles to contract. The abdominal as well as the pelvic floor should be engaged; as when one is trying to hold pee in. to carry out these crunches we lie on a mat, knees up and about hip length apart. The small of the back should not be pressed flat but rather maintain the upward curve. So, with stomach sucked in, head and feet flat against the floor/mat, and knees hip-length apart you are ready. The hands are by the side of the head to lift head up to chest like as if we are trapping a pencil with the rib-cage. Then, exhale up, inhale down. Head raise while releasing breath and inhale while taking the head back down. About 30 reps of this per session. The stomach must be sucked in throughout.

  3. Obliques
    Home workouts
    Do your Obliques?

    While maintaining the same posture, obliques require the hands placed beneath the head and not by the side. Then turn the upper body left and right without turning the lower part. Exhale when you turn and inhale when you are back facing up.

  4. Left-side Plank
    Home workout. Side plank for a flat stomach
    Stay diagonal

    This exercise strengthens abdominal muscles and core. To do this exercise, lie on your left side and lift your body till your left elbow is directly under your shoulder. Straighten your legs and push out bottom and waist. Maintain your body in a straight diagonal line. Breath normally and keep this pose for 20 seconds.

  5. Hundreds

    Lie with your shoulders back and knees up with your feet flat on the floor. You can put a rolled towel beneath the small of your back to keep it up and balanced. Breath in and tighten your stomach, hold in your core, hands by your side. Now, we are going to crunch up the stomach muscles like the first exercise, as if trying to hold a pen with your rib. Inhale for a count of five and exhale for another five. This will be done alternately till the count of 100. Keep pulsing your open palms like you are trying to pat a pillow at your side. When you get stronger, try putting your feet up to table-top level instead.

When it comes to stomach exercises, we all need some cloth to fit better or something. But keep in mind that a flat stomach might be exciting and lovely, but the inside is what matters. For best results in your flat tummy, and even better health inside your body, eat better and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do you stay fit and trendy on a daily basis? Lets talk about it. Share in the comment section below.