5 Essential Necessities of Caring For Natural hair

Natural hair rocks, and its banging too. But caring for natural hair takes some care and a half. And oh my, the patience one needs. The great thing about carrying natural hair is that it is a good reflection of what goes on in you. And the best part is that once you get the hang of it, natural hair is an easy peasy breezy part of your life. Plus, the every day instant gorgeousness, the ability to change looks every single morning.

If you are still considering whether to hop on the natural hair bandwagon, simply consider these facts. Relaxers contain some really harmful chemicals. The worst of which is sodium peroxide which can cause burning scarring and even blindness. Others include Guanidine carbonate, succinic acid which could be harmful when absorbed through skin.

The repercussions of absorbing small doses of these chemicals over time include;

  1. They cause reproductive problems.
  2. Can lead to developing heart diseases
  3. Early puberty is brought about with the use of relaxers that distort hormones.
  4. Fibroids
  5. Relaxers can cause cancer, scalp irritations, burns and other health issues for younger kids.
  6. They can actually cause mental disorders.

There are a hundred and one reasons to consider letting go of the harsh chemicals. But how do we go about caring for natural hair? Natural hair often comes across as some variety of natural iron sponge. So how do you tame this black iron without going crazy?

5 Essentials of Caring for Natural Hair

Getting started of course you’d have to get rid of any bad hair or damaged relaxed hair. And before you can go further you would have to be ready to deal with fuzz.

  1. Water
    survival tips
    Good hair needs lots of war

    Yup, water is the fuel for every good thing that happens to the human body. You need water both from the inside and outside. Drink water adequately in order to get great, healthy and strong hair. Moisturize from outside to soften your mane. Water is the best moisturizer for your hair.

  2. Cleaner:
    Picking the best shampoo for different hair type.

    Note that its not necessarily a shampoo. Shampoos could strip hair of the best part of your natural hair. There are other options that might not be so detrimental to your hair. These include clays, local soaps and even enhanced shampoos. It is quite important to pick a suitable cleaner because you will need to was as often as every week but not too much.

  3. Oils
    nutty oils for healthy natural hair
    Healthy chair oils

    Washing strips natural hair of its natural oils. These need to be replenished to prevent drying out of the hair. Hair cuticles become very vulnerable and open when they are washed and this can lead to breakage. Your oils help to seal in some water and moisturize longer. The best oils are some essential oils, argan oil, rosemary oil, and so on. Your most important oils are coconut, olive and castor oil. These are easier to get and can be used to get a range of other oils.

  4. Spray bottle
     Spray bottle
    Hair spray bottle

     You know how you need to moisturize with water from the outside. Well, you will need your spray bottle for that. Your mix of water, moisturizer and oil that keeps your hair soft beautiful and healthy comes from your spray.

  5. Leave in MoisturizerYour leave in can also be your deep conditioner. Once you have leave in once, you can continue for the rest of the week with your spray bottle. Remember that less is always more. And the more natural the better.



Above all, natural hair needs a great wholesome lifestyle. Good food, great rest and lifestyle choices will give you great health and lovely natural hair. How do you wear your hair? Would you switch to natural hair?