5 Reasons to take that Morning Jog

“Hello….I’m just waking up, and the first thing you’re asking me to do is to jog?. Come on?…Think man. That’s suicidal” – That was my reply when Raymond invited me the first time for that Saturday morning jogging session.

I’ve always seen him as a crazy lad and most times I jokingly tell him to try and represent Nigeria at the Olympics.

The sight of individuals jogging early in the morning (especially on weekends) should be a familiar one for most individuals. But of what benefit would an individual decide to indulge in an early morning jogging exercise? Most would ask.

The answer to that is that there are many health benefits of jogging, (especially  in the morning) both to the physical and mental fitness of a person.

Having made my research and gotten reasons why the early morning jog could be beneficial to health,  I became a lover of this practice and thus decided to share some of its benefits.

Jogging is an exercise which falls between slow running and fast walking.

Reasons why morning jog is important:

  1. Improves the Body’s stamina: Jogging, especially if it is done in the morning, makes the body continuously active everyday. It is like a warm up before facing the real world of engagements to physical and mental responsibilities.
  2. Improves Breathing: Jogging in the morning is a perfect activity to get your lungs in tip-top shape. It is that breathing-intense activity made for everyone.
  3. Promotes Effective Weight Loss: Jogging every morning is the cheapest and most convenient way of most individuals who want to lose a certain amount of weight. It increases the body’s metabolism as well as burn calories.
  4. Burns Belly Fat: Jogging is known to be the most effective stomach fat burner if performed every morning.
  5. Cardiovascular Toning: There are more pro’s to jogging in the morning than simply burning fat. Putting this into practice for at least 3 times per week, you are lowering your risk of any heart disease, as it also increases your longevity.


Jogging at any other time in the day could be very tiring as you could have been stressed from the day’s activities.

Also, you get dehydrated faster when jogging at any other time. Especially at noon when the sun is out.

Jogging at any other time of the day is also not convenient as the use of motor ways would have been on a high rate by that time.

Runner athlete running at seaside. woman fitness silhouette sunrise jogging workout wellness concept.

I’m inviting you now friend, put on a comfortable jogging pant/short and footwear and achieve the above listed benefits.