5+ Signs Your Hair is Warning You About Your Health


We all love us some beautiful lustrous hair any day. Regardless of whether our mane is kinky or straightened, healthy hair is quite easy to spot. For some however, good genes might keep the illusion of healthy locks to the untrained eye. But how many people see hair and can immediately link it to the internal health of the individual? What has your crown got to do with health you might wonder, the answer is; ‘a whole lot’.

As much as the visible locks are considered dead material, it still retains or exhibits certain properties directly linked to health. Hair is grown from keratin, a protein, and is developed from the follicles. It grows on about 80% of the mammalian body. The only part of the hair that is actively changing is the part beneath the skin; the follicle. This is considered the only living part of hair. But the changes in the color, texture and even the follicles are diagnostic of the overall health of the body. Here are a few signs of ill health as exhibited by the mane.

What’s Your Hair Saying?

  1. Dull and Lifeless Hair
    Hair to health problems
    Dry frizzy hair? Could be a problem from the insides.

    Dull locks are often seem as neglected, which might be true. But on the off chance, some people do take good care of their crown and still have lackluster and lifeless strands. The hair follicles that produce our hair get the materials from the body. Great hair, just like great skin starts from within. The quality of the hair strands depends on the nutrition gotten from the body. When your hair lacks that shine, it depicts a shortage of certain minerals and micro-nutrients. The nutrients include sulfur, selenium and phosphorus. The shortage of these nutrients also cause damage to gums and teeth.

  2. Hair Loss
    alternative causes of hair loss
    What is the cause?

    It is absolutely normal to lose a few strands of every day, somewhere about the 100-strand mark is okay. However, certain situations might lead to increased loss such as aging, medication, illnesses or even pregnancy. If none of these hair loss factors are in play but there is loss of over 5-strands from casually touching the mane, there is unusual hair-loss. An endocrine imbalance, a bad immune system or even diabetes can contribute to breakage.

  3. Greasy hair
    internal grease
    Dealing with greasy hair? Before the shampoo…

    Excess consumption of animal fats will get you some greasy locks. Most of this grease will also clog your insides and could cause an unhealthy skin. Less meat, fried foods, alcohol and coffee will help get rid of grease.


  1. Itchy Scalp
    Dry scalp or deeper skin problems
    The agony of the itch.

    An itchy scalp, often with some dandruff could be a sign of eczema or psoriasis. Look out for sores, acne, and skin irritations. If there are no other tell-tale signs of skin irritation, an itchy scalp could be attributed to stress.

  2. Thinning hair
    thinned edges
    How does thinning reflect body health?

    As earlier mentioned, proteins are the building blocks for hair, and not just that alone, skin and muscles also. Thinning mane is most often a sign of protein shortage. When accompanied with bad skin and nails, there is need to remedy the deficiency. Eat foods that are rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and omega 3 to have better skin, nails and hair. High blood pressure, insomnia and back pain coupled with this could be symptomatic of Cushing’s disease.

  3. Early Greying
    Grey hair problems
    Good or bad for you ?

    Grey strands and the time it grows is a very personal thing. A lot of people do not have grey ones till well into their prime, while some youngsters and teenagers might be having some grey already. Severe stress as from a trauma, fatigue and a poor diet can contribute to that grey hair. These factors are also responsible for other discolorations that might happen in an individual’s lifetime.

These are some of the most prominent signs of ill health that your crown will show you. If you experienced any of these issues, how did you deal with them? How well do you know your body, and can you decipher some important signs? Stay healthy, good health begins from inside.