5 simple ways to keep your gut healthy

Your gut health is important for your overall health. Check out 5 easy ways to keep your gut healthy.

5 simple ways to keep your gut healthy

How to keep your gut healthy

Eat gut-friendly foods

You are what you eat. The type of food you expose your digestive system to plays a big role in its health. For you to have a healthy gut, the place of fruits and fibre cannot be overemphasized. Such nutritious high-fibre diet will aid bowel movement and prevent constipation, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer

Cutdown on processed food

Chronic consumption of heavily processed foods like processed red meat, microwave-ready meals, pizza, etc, can increase the risk of bowel diseases like cancer. Although it is difficult for the average Nigerian to steer clear of the Western diet, it is possible to regulate your intake of such foods.

Be deliberate about your diet and ensure that the bulk of your meals comprises of fresh natural, locally-sourced foods.

Limit alcohol and cigarette

Alcohol and tobacco have been linked to various cancers in the body, including cancers of the digestive tract. As much as possible, limit your exposure to these toxic substances

Mind your antibiotic use

The gut naturally contains many helpful microorganisms like lactobacilli and bifidobacteria which perform many important functions in the intestines. Among their numerous functions, gut flora condition the microenvironment of the intestines and make it unfavourable for harmful microbes to thrive.

When you use (oral) antibiotics carelessly and for a long time, you slowly wipe out the helpful bacteria in your gut and jeopardize your gut health in the long run. Remember, not every illness requires antibiotics. Do not self-medicate.

Drink water

Staying hydrated has too many health benefits for it to be ignored. Water is good for your gut health. When you are well hydrated, you are unlikely to struggle with hard stools and constipation. Your digestive system needs water to function optimally.

Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

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A word from Healthfacts

We hope you have learned how to keep your digestive tract healthy. Stay tuned for more health tips.

Dr Ezinne Ejele