5 Things You Didn’t Know About a C-Section.

C-section simply means Cesarean Section. It is a surgery alternative to the natural way of child delivery. In some cases, some people opt for it to ease the pain of child delivery. In some other cases, doctors advise that option for safety sake.

Several people, moms have the wrong idea about a C-Section. Many moms come out of the theater wishing they had some pre-knowledge about the process, hence this article. It is important you have an idea of how it works before your due date.
[ctt template=”8″ link=”GPwHv” via=”yes” ]Many moms come out of the theatre after a C-Section wishing they had some pre-knowledge about the process. Here is a list of things no one tells you about a C-Section…[/ctt]

Here is a list of 5 things most people don’t tell you about a C-Section.

  • Contrary to what a lot of people think, a C-section in some cases is a safer option for both mother and child. One very common cause of women undergoing a C-section is when the baby is bigger than normal and the mother is not able to go through vaginal delivery. Another cause is fetal malpresentation. That is any other position the baby assumes that is not head down toward the birth canal.
  • A C-Section is a major surgery. The speed with which C-Sections are being carried out in the clinics these days shouldn’t deceive you. C-Sections are major abdominal surgeries and they are not without their risks. So many people try to play it down, that shouldn’t be. Because it is common doesn’t mean it is routine.


  • You would be awake throughout. Don’t expect to pass out from the pains; you wouldn’t exactly feel the pains. You might feel some pressure around your abdomen and definitely feel something with the needle touches your skin but not pain. This is because just before the procedure, you will be numbed with anesthesia.
  • There would be a scar… It might freak you out a little bit initially but you’d get used to it. Besides, there are new techniques to make sure the scarring is minimal.


  • When it is all done, you would need help around a lot. From climbing the stairs to moving about the house, it would all seem daunting until recovery time is over. You may even be unable to stand for too long or drive around immediately. So plan to have some help around.
  • That ‘once C-Section, always C-Section’ isn’t true. You can always decide to go through the vaginal delivery process. All of this depends on the circumstances surrounding the birth, it is very possible to have a vaginal delivery even after having a C-Section.
  • It takes longer for recovery from a C-Section than from a vaginal delivery. Especially if you had to go through labor before opting for the C-Section. Normally, it takes about two weeks at most for a woman who went through vaginal delivery to regain herself fully. But in the case of a Caesarean Section, it can take up to two months.
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