3 Reasons Why You Should Always Shower At Night

So many people don’t like to take a night shower. Most times, due to the fact that you had a long day. So, we often shorten the trip to the bathroom by just washing off the make-up from our face or sweat as the case may be and running off to bed.

As normal as that may sound, it isn’t the best. However light the bath may be, a night shower is very helpful.

Firstly, a night shower helps ward off skin breakouts and fight wrinkles. Encourage yourself to have a total wash instead of a quick face wash after all both would cost you a trip to the bathroom anyways, so why not have a full bath?

Secondly, Running warm water over your body at night helps relaxes your muscles and nerves, taking away the accumulated stress and tension built up during the day. It also relieves you of the body pains and headaches.


Finally, research has shown that a shower at night induces sleep, makes one sleep better. Now even though a hot shower can make you more alert and boost your creativity, a hot shower is still recommended before you go to bed.
You may ask how so? How do you get to fall asleep after a hot shower if a hot shower makes you more alert? The key is right timing!

It is advisable to have your shower a little earlier, say about evening time. This is to give enough time for your body to cool off because the temperature of the body plays a key role in regulation of circadian rhythm: that is what tells the body to sleep or stay awake. Normally, cooling off or a fall in body temperature is a sign that the body is supposed to sleep.  Hence, it is recommended that you give about 90 minutes for your body to cool off… before you hit the sheets.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”fe023″ via=”yes” ]Taking a shower at night can trigger sleep with the right timing. Not only that, it helps you wake up feeling stronger and well rested.[/ctt]

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