Battle Sugar Addiction Naturally With These Simple Steps…

In Nigeria, a lot of people are dealing with sugar addiction and a good number of them think it is almost impossible for them to come out of it. Most of our local dishes are sugar based. Sugar addiction puts your health at risk because of the excess amount of sugar you daily ingest.

Follow these simple tips to successfully battle sugar addiction:

  • Significantly cut down on the processed foods:
    [ctt template=”8″ link=”PQ1M2″ via=”yes” ]Did you know that sugar and processes foods are as addictive as heroin or cocaine?[/ctt]
    Well, a recent study has proven that. Consuming sugar in processed foods stimulates a certain region of your brain known as the nucleus accumbens. This produces the pleasure neurotransmitter known as dopamine. When the dopamine levels drop, you feel down and begin to crave that pleasantness again. On and on, the addiction continues. So, to break the cycle, stay away from processed foods. It might hurt just like one trying to stop tobacco. But, you have to be deliberate about it. You can get an accountability partner to keep you in check.
    sugar addiction
  • Take in lots and lots of water.
    Sometimes you may feel as though you are craving sugar when in fact all you need is a glass of water. You can naturally spice it up a little bit for a bit of sweetness such as lemon cuts or green tea.
  • Naturally satisfy your sweet tooth.
    If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are all-natural sweeteners available. These ones don’t contain as much sugar and they are sweeter than sugar itself! A good example is honey.
  • Opt for greens more.
    Whether leafy or not, green veggies are fully loaded with nutrition and can help tamper down your sugar cravings.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be addicted to sugar. Find healthier substitute for the processed foods and sugars. With these few tips, you can leave a healthier life free of sugar addictions. Choose health today!

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