Dealing With Bloating? These 5 Homemade Drinks Will Help

Bloating (or bloat) is any abdominal gas swelling or simply put, increase in diameter of the abdominal area.

Bloating is caused by excess gas production, and/or disturbances in the movement of the muscles of the digestive system which can cause increased pressure and discomfort, making the stomach look bigger and is usually accompanied by burping (belching), gas (flatulence, farting), abdominal discomfort, and a feeling of fullness.

So, if you’ve been dealing with bloating, good news! Consuming any of these 5 homemade drinks will help you deal with it.

1. Hibiscus tea (zobo)


Zobo contains compounds like flavonoids that affect the hormone called aldosterone, which regulates the balance between water and electrolytes which makes your tummy much less likely to store all those unwanted fluids by justing taking a glass of this drink.

Besides, Zobo also contains polyphenols that can help calm the digestive system.

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2. Lemon tea


A few slices of lemon in hot water can do much more than you can imagine when it comes to bloating.

Due tot the D-Limonene component in lemon, it helps ward off any water retention or flatulence which may as a result of bloating.

3. Ginger tea

cup of ginger tea

Ginger has compounds called gingerols that have anti-inflammatory benefits,” says Josh Axe, a natural-medicine specialist.

It also has other digestive components like shogaols, which relax your intestinal muscles, reduce inflammation and also help you break down food. “When foods aren’t broken down, they start to ferment in the gut,” explains Axe. “That’s what causes gas and bloating.”

Simply drop some thin slices of ginger in a cup of hot water, allow to steam for about 10 mins and drink.

4. Cucumber-mint mixture


The water in cucumber helps with digestion and hydration.
According to Axe, “a lot of digestive issues can be caused by inflammation; that area of the body gets very hot.” Cucumber and mint are both very cooling and they also help stimulate your metabolism.

5. Watermelon Smoothie for bloating


Because of the high water and potassium content in watermelon, it helps to relieve belly bloat.

So taking a cup of any of these mixture is a great way to deal with bloating.

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