More and more people are looking to ditch excess weight. And why not? No one, man or woman, likes to be called fat. Have you ever heard a “fat” person describe herself as being “on the big side”? Funny, right? Maybe not but then, somehow, the word fat is increasingly being seen as a negative word. Why this is so is open for public debate. However, I believe it is important for people to appreciate themselves and think highly of themselves irrespective of their size. Is this a call for people not to try lose weight? Certainly not!

Being “fat” could be very unhealthy asides from it not being too accepted in the fashion world. Therefore, it is okay to want to burn excess fat. Really, it is and sometimes, it is advised. This leads to a big question: how do I burn excess fat?

There are different options available out there. Many would ask you to go on a marathon diet (which is not advised), while some would ask you to use weight loss products. Others would prescribe some form of physical activity such as running and other cardio exercises. Many have done all the above listed and have succeeded while others have failed.

To be honest, burning excess fat successfully, asides from the discipline, has little or nothing to do with how rigorous the activity is. In fact, did you know that the reason why many have remained “fat” is because they engage in rigorous exercise activities?

Intense cardio could be counterproductive

Why do I feel like you are frowning in unbelief right now?

But hey, that’s the truth. A celebrity trainer and nutritionist, Harley Pasternak, once said that cardio exercises can be counterproductive. This is because the more intense the cardio you do, the more calories you will burn per minute.

Sounds good, right? Wait for the sad news…

A higher percentage of those burnt calories will come from non-fat sources than if you were engaging in a less-intense cardio like ……. (wait for it). So what this means is that you are burning a lot of calories but not a lot of fat which, of course, is not the desired result.

A simpler exercise which is arguably the best way for burning excess fat is walking.


Yes! You read that right.

Walking is a less-intense cardio exercise which everyone can engage in and it has a high success rate in helping people burn excess fat. Pasternak has studied the eating habits of the healthiest countries in the world. In his findings, he reveals that though the diets of these nations are greatly different, the common denominator is the fact that they walk a lot.

In his words, the secret to getting the prettiest bodies in the world in shape is simply to avoid being sedentary. In other words, start walking!



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