Coke with a side of Cannabis Please! What’s the New Deal?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know by now that Marijuana has been legalized in some parts of the world. Certain states of the United States have formally legalized marijuana and put someone in trouble with it. Cannabis has been researched for its CBD component.

CBD cannabis against the addictive part
Marijuana good Vs. Marijuana Bad (CBD)


Now regardless of how you feel about cannabis, there is no doubt that the drug is getting acceptance far and wide. The most amazing aspect of the drug is the non-psychotic medicinal part. This aspect of the Cannabis is called CBD and is already widely exploited for alternative medical purposes. Even here in Nigeria, so many people tout the wonders of CBD oil


CNN on Monday the 17th of September aired news about soda giant, Coca-Cola showing interest in the cannabis industry. The company apparently issued statements about monitoring the popularity of the CBD component of Cannabis. CBD is a component that reportedly has very positive effects on various types of pains, inflammation and long-term conditions. CBD is safe for consumption, and absolutely non-psychotic.Coca-cola

The future? Coke is watching closely the growing trend of the non-psychoactive supplement in beverages the world over. The beverage world is fast evolving to embrace cannabis as the next big deal to spike sales and customer interest.

Coke hasn’t made an actual deal yet, but are in talks with a Canadian marijuana processing company. This move actually increased stock shares abundantly for the company in question.  This company, Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian weed distribution company.


Share prices spiked after the announcement by BLOOMBERG.

Cannabis For All

Marijuana for Profits
The Economic Interest

Coca-Cola is one in line of big-league beverage companies who are making moves to include cannabis in their ingredients. Makers of Corona beer, Constellation Brands Inc. announced a $3.8 billion increase in stakes of Canopy Growth Corp. This is a Canadian marijuana producer with a worth of up to $10 billion. Coors are also looking at developing Cannabis drinks with Hexo Corp. in Canada. Diageo PLC, makers of Guinness are also in discussion with about 3 cannabis companies.

What does This Mean for Your Health

Medical Marijuana

The medicinal marijuana is gaining ground. This is the future of pain relief. As much as the cultural relationship with cannabis or marijuana is negative, there is no going back on this trend. It’s only a matter of time before we get mainstream marijuana.

What do you think about this new trend? Will you be willing to try a new drink laced with a component from Marijuana?