Here’s Why Drinking Water While Standing Is Unhealthy

Watttterrrrr! E no get enemy”, those are the words of a very popular Nigerian song. Indeed, no one, nothing can survive on earth without water. The effects of drinking water on a human being can’t be over emphasized, it is very essential. The ‘how’ of drinking water is also very key. It is more important than most people think. When our parents scolded us for standing to drink water or eat, they were actually doing us a world of good. Drinking water standing is actually more than a mere bad habit. It can lead to several ailments and discomfort in the body.

First, it leaves you thirstier. Here is how it works: your stomach has a set volume of water intake. While standing, the flow isn’t as seamless so it isn’t as easy for your body to take in the needed amount of water. Hence in no time, you end up feeling thirsty soon after.

Drinking water standing also does damage to the kidney. While standing, when you take in water, it goes down with a great volume and floods down into the stomach. This way it passes through the kidney without proper filtering so the wastes gathers in the bladder and mixes up causing kidney damage. This also puts the bladder and even the heart at risk.

It is also a cause of arthritis. Drinking water standing can sometimes cause instability as the fluid goes into the body. This can cause deficiency of certain needed fluids, nutrients in the joints – arthritis.

It might also affect digestion. The way the water splashes onto the stomach may also cause disruption in the normal digestion process. It may also damage the stomach walls.

You see now that it isn’t enough to have eight glasses of water daily. The next time you drink way, grab a chair before you do so. This simple act can save you from trips to the doctors’.