Here’s Why Eating Junk Food Is Suicidal

Food is very essential to man. In today’s world, it seems as though junk food has come to stay. I don’t know if to attribute it to the fact that these days, everyone is in a hurry or the fact that some junk foods can be addictive, it is also freely accessible and sometimes more affordable than real food. Junk is the way people eat these days and I ask people (including myself), whatever happened to real foods?

junk food

For those who are wondering, junk foods are foods with low nutritional value. It is mostly processed and contains preservatives, additives. Common examples are cakes, burgers, ice cream, chocolates, cookies and the likes.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”U7p1b” via=”yes” ]Junk food has a direct effect on fertility on the male reproductive system.[/ctt]

Here is why continual consumption of junk food is suicide:

Nutritional Deficiency. Most lightweight junk food has been ripped of their nutrients. They are mostly chaff, the essential nutrients are out. That leaves us eating, just because… no additional value apart from the obvious, obesity.

Tummy problems. Like I earlier stated, junk foods lack fiber and all those other nutrients that make digestion process smooth. Hence, junk food is mostly the cause of digestion problems like bloated stomach, constipation, hemorrhoids and Irritable bowel syndrome.

Infertility in men. Recent study has shown that junk food has a direct effect on fertility on the male reproductive system. Need I say anything else? If you care about your seed box, you need to watch it.

Obesity and Diabetes. A good number of junk food are high in sugar, salt and they contain lots of bad cholesterol. This leads to obesity and diabetes.

junk food

Finally, although a lot of people see junk food as a ‘saviour’, I mean it is quick and tasty, extremely accessible, so it is easy to assume that it the next best thing after Anthony Joshua. Contrary to this, junk food is one of the major causing of fatigue. It doesn’t give the needed amount of carbohydrate the body needs for its activities. Hence, there is built-up deficiency of energy, that basically leaves you drained.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”sdKzJ” via=”yes” ]Over time, the effects of junk food on our body system begins to tell on the outside in form of sicknesses and other anomalies. The world would be a better place if we all ate more real foods.[/ctt]