Eating Late at Night and its Harmful Effect

Eating late meals is a normal albeit unhealthy routine or lifestyle for many today. Eating late at night has no harmful effect on your health only when you eat very nutritious vegetables, whole grains and foods during that late hour.

Late night meals are often linked to obesity, and if at all you must eat late at night, take in foods that have low calories to avoid the repercussion of eating late at night.

Effects of Late Night Meals:

  1. Disrupted Sleep: avoid taking large and heavy meals during late hours as it affects your sleep. Coffee, energy food diets, caffeinated and beverage drinks taken late at night can make it difficult for you to sleep at night.
  1. Gaining Weight: dietitians have stated clearly that when you inculcate the habit of eating a particular type of calorie dense food, it adds to residual weight gain. Do not eat at least two hours before the time you’ll go to bed, to avoid obesity and increasing your body weight.
  1. Increased Excretion and Urination: when you eat late at night, the number of times you would be visiting the bathroom during the night could increase significantly. Taking late night meals will lead to food being digested during your sleeping hours, leading you to wake up at night to pass out the waste.


Tips to Avoid Taking Late Meals at Night

  • Eat a large dinner that your body can accommodate before 6 pm in the evening
  • Ensure you always replace junk food, white flour, for fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Try turning off the TV, it subconsciously triggers the desire to eat late food.


Remember, the digestive process can have a serious impact on your sleep cycle, especially when you eat sugary foods.