What Every Woman Needs To Know About Irregular Periods

When you aren’t expecting a baby, it becomes an issue when grandma doesn’t keep her appointments. Irregularity in a woman’s period can just be overwhelming.  From worrying about whether a baby is on the way to looking over your shoulder to check for stains on your dress, a woman with irregular periods has a lot on her mind. The reasons behind irregular periods are not always clear, and when it does happen, panic sets it.

There are however some things every woman should know about irregular periods, and well men that love them too should be aware.

  • First, menstrual cycles are not the same for everyone. A little variation in the number of days in between and the number of on-days is also normal. This is basically because menstrual cycle is based on hormones and hormonal levels vary from time to time.
  • Even though normally variations occur, once it becomes to sudden or drastic, then you need to check.
  • The normal condition for a missing period is pregnancy. When this doesn’t occur, then there is need to check and see which factors might be responsible.
  • Asides pregnancy, some underlying medical conditions can lead to irregular periods.
    Some of which include:
    Disorder in the thyroid glands,
    Premature Ovarian failure or
    sexually transmitted diseases.

irregular periods

Some lifestyle patterns especially drastic changes can cause irregular periods. Some of which include:

  • Sudden weight gain or loss,
  • Over-Exercising,
  • Use of birth control pills,
  • stress, anxiety or emotional traumas,
  • anorexia or binge eating,
  • allergies.

What to do:

If you notice drastic change in your menstrual cycle and other irregularities, do consult a doctor to check for pregnancy and other conditions that may be responsible for irregular periods. Once you have ruled out pregnancy and the presence of any underlying medical condition, you can make these adjustments.

  • Check your diet. Eat healthier foods and the proper proportion. Not too much and not too less.
  • Cut down seriously on the stress levels. You might need to take some things off your plate.
  • Also review your exercises. Don’t over-do it and at the same time, don’t live a sedentary life.
  • Quit smoking, illicit use of drugs and excessive alcohol intake.