5 Foods That Boost Your Skin Appearance

What’s more to an individual than the way he/she appears (looks)? We all want to look good amid the hustles and bustles of Nigeria. Most times we focus more on our skin appearance and go as far as reaching for certain products which would enable us come out with that faultless skin. Of course everyone wants to be termed “spotless” when it comes to their skin appearance. Most individuals tend to feel restless when they notice a new development on their skin and they have to opt for one remedy or the other.

The truth is that often times, the best way to deal with any skin issue is by going natural and working on your skin  from the inside out. While facial creams and other cosmetic products might be (might prove)effective, they could also be temporary. However, the consumption of certain foods could be just great for your skin and go a long way to would work all the wonders, thereby presenting a long lasting effect on your skin.

In this post, I would be sharing highly recommended foods that if incorporated into your diet, your skin would be guaranteed a more glowy, brighter, smoother and even clearer look in very little time.


Skin appearance

Incorporating nuts into your diet would go a long way in providing you a perfect skin appearance needed to glow any day, anytime. Certain nuts like walnuts are very rich in fatty acids while the Omega – 3 fatty helps in maintaining cell membranes by protecting the skin and providing it with moisture. Others like the almond nuts are packed with vitamin E, and they can help you maintain a healthy skin and also protect the skin from certain damages caused by the sun. 

Dark Colored Fruits & Veggies

If you really are interested in having a glowing skin, dark colored veggies and fruits are one of the things you should reach out for. These fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin A, like carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach are known to enhance your skin color and appearance.

Oily Fish

Consumption of oily fish like salmons or tuna does more good to your skin than most cosmetic products. This provides your body with biotin, a B vitamin that produces fatty acids and metabolizes amino acids. A biotin deficiency can result in scaly skin thus, affecting your complexion.

Orange Juice

Asides from the refreshing feel you get from the consumption of orange juice, it provides your skin with so many health benefits. Orange juice keeps you hydrated and provides Vitamin C, which serves as an antioxidant to protect your skin and other cells from damage.

Sunflower Seeds & Oil

Skin appearance

Sunflower seeds and oil are excellent sources of vitamin E. They help in protecting the skin from damage caused by the sun and other damages caused by free radicals in the environment and in the body. Application of these seeds and oil would go a long way in boosting your skin appearance.

Asides from the mentioned few, there are so many other foods which aids in boosting your skin appearance; presenting a brighter, smoother and clearer look. Share your thoughts with us on what you feel about these foods. Kindly comment in the section below.