Have We Got A Winner in The Cancer War? Science of Ultra-Fast Electric Pulses

For over a decade some cancer researchers have been trying out a new type of cancer therapy that utilizes ultra-fast electric pulses to kill tumors. A cancer research team at Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia. The team studying a new therapy which utilizes ultra-fast, nano-second stimulation electrical pulses to kill tumor cells, and the test finally worked on mice. 3 million pulses in a heartbeat killed live cancer cells in 10 minutes, killed them for good.

Electricity for health
Cancer pulse

A monitor sized machine generates the pulses. These pulses generate an electrical stimulation triggering the immune system to locate and fight cancer cells. If these simulations work out perfectly in human trials that would begin soon, it would be quite the bang. Not just in the fight against cancer, but in bio-electrics in general, this is set to be a big hit. Natural cures will take an entirely radical twist with this new discovery.

The university is being funded with about $42 million in stock to carry out research on similar bioelectric cancer cures. Being the leading University in cancer cure research as of right now, ODU is fast becoming a united front employing various specialties across countries to help in furthering the research. A good example of this is the international consortium on bioelectric studies by researchers from Japan and Germany.

This new tech is a prospect for the treatment of melanoma, a form of cancer that has been on the rise by about 50% in the last decade.

Research work on the electric pulses began about two decades ago when bursts of electricity were used to kill bacteria. Fast forward to 2007 and they successfully killed melanoma tumors in mammals, and the world had to notice. The work on immunotherapy garnered national acclaim in the US after this. The United States Federal government approval of this research is highly anticipated.

The best part of this treatment was that unlike chemo which reduces the immunity of the patient, this system got the immune system more energetic. This in itself is a quite exciting prospect as the sickness and debiliatory aspect of chemo often puts people off. Pulse electricity is presently used in delivering treatment to infections, so we are excited to see cancer being pulsed out.

Pulse electricity can be used to deliver extra oxygen to target parts of cells, extra supplements and blood to certain organs, deliver blood-creating proteins and also heal wounds.

How It Works

Ultra-fast electric pulses against cancer
Electric Pulses against

According to the researchers, they “…enveloping cancer cells with microscopic grains of iron oxide, the magnetic pulses will vibrate faster and faster until the cells overheat and die. No damage ensues to the surrounding healthy cells and no potentially damaging radiation is used.” It can be used to treat varius types of cancer. Furthermore, they continue “If you heat cancer cells up to 43 degrees C [109.4F] they start to die. Our natural body temperature is 37 degrees C [89.6 F]. The technique that we are using, we are able to reach that threshold,” Dr. Janes said.


This treatment can extend into anti-aging, pain management, injury and a whole lot more. A similar technology is used by NASA and the private health sector, its called Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field PEMF. About $3.5 million has been pumped into further researching this field. NASA uses it in testing bone loss in astronauts in outer space. They’ve been using it for years and have developed their own devices. Nasa discovered PEMF can be used to develop transplant tissue and to heal broken bones that surgery and meds couldn’t fix.

We eagerly await the use of this technology in fighting osteoporosis, muscle diseases, anti-aging, inflammation and so on. We do hope they get the final death knell to cancer in this treatment, and we look forward to getting around here.


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