Here’s Why You Should Have Breakfast More Often

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No doubt breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Choosing to skip breakfast might not be a healthy choice for anyone because it does more than just filling you, it controls your appetite and helps you stay active all day.

Not only does eating regularly in the morning help in boosting energy level and promote heart health, it also stimulates the brain among many other things.
Anyway, here are some reasons why should consider munching breakfast more often.


1. It boosts metabolism

Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism in the morning. So, it’s important to get your metabolism working early enough to help you burn calories throughout the day.
Skipping it tells your body to conserve, rather than burn, extra calories.

2. Controls your appetite

If you don’t eat breakfast, you’re much more likely to end up snacking throughout the day, which could make you snack on a bunch of unhealthy snacks.

3. It boosts your energy level

People who eat breakfast show an increase in physical activity throughout their mornings than people who skip it.
Our bodies need energy to function, and that energy comes from food that’s why it is important to have this meal.

4. It helps you maintain your body weight


According to studies, people who skip this most important meal of the day tend to gain extra weight because they ending up snacking on unhealthy snacks.

5. Reduces the risk for heart disease

Skipping breakfast is associated with an increased risk for obesity, metabolic syndrome, elevated triglycerides, high LDL-cholesterol and low HDL-cholesterol.
However, make sure you consume healthy grains, proteins, and fruits and vegetables.

6. It helps you fight your cravings.

It’s only normal and expected to fill your mind with all sort of a carb-filled pastry all morning when you don’t have breakfast. If you’ve skipped it and fasted for a long period of time, then your brain will not stop thinking about the calories that you’ve opted out on.

Having known these benefits, I’ll advice you do yourself a favour; cut out those extra calories and eat more often in the morning.


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