Hospital-Phobia: The Reasons Behind it

Nosocomephobia: The fear of hospitals. Funny how so many people have this phobia without them being able to identify it. You would agree with me that as normal as it could be, no human would enjoy visits to hospital.

I’ve heard my nephew tell me, “Uncle I hate when mommy takes me to the hospital, that place makes me sick.” Too bad I can’t give him any advice or make him see reasons to like the place because I dislike it too.

Most people often complain that they get sicker in the hospital and there could be several reasons related to this. They include

The Environment: The hospital environment is a place of holding captives and letting go of various diseases and flu. The same way a patient is being treated could be the same way another patient could contact other diseases. Most diseases start and end in the hospital.

  • It is therefore recommended that you protect yourself very well while having visits to the hospital.
  • Avoid coming in contact with various materials and objects
  • Sanitize yourself properly especially your hands to avoid picking up germs that could cause severe diseases.

The Doctor: Doctors or other medical practitioners could be a very scary experience when encountered, as most people feel very uncomfortable disclosing health issues for fear of what the doctor’s response could be.

Try and be truthful and free with the doctor no matter what because they are the ones who would still render their help.

Understand that they too are human beings and could be victims of stress and fatigue; so when that yell come in, you should endure it.

The Time factor: Most individuals lack that patience and find it very difficult to visit the hospital for treatment. Though the delay and time wasting at times could be unbearable, it is recommended you give in time to your health.

Plan properly before coming to the hospital

Ensure you are not in a rush to any occasion so that proper tests can be conducted for the right treatment to be administered.

Phobia: This is generally the fear of visiting the hospital and could be maybe one of the above stated reasons. This is quite understandable and could be tough to deal with. Remembering past events also could trigger this fear. (maybe a previous illness which seemed unbearable or the death of a friend or family member that occurred in the hospital).

You could try home treatment, and then gradually start hospital visits.

As bad and scary as a hospital or a clinic could be, it is still far better than the grave. So when you feel sick or start noticing changes, it is recommended that you go see a doctor. Try and be prepared.

Visits to the doctor in form of checkups are also recommended as it could lifesaving.

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