How to build your child’s confidence and improve well-being

A lot of our ideals, values, and behavior are shaped at a very early age. Just as much as children have physical needs (food, clothes, shelter), their health and wellbeing are just as important in shaping who they grow up to be.

This includes how they constantly feel. Years of feeling awful will most likely produce a maladjusted adult who will ultimately create problems for society. The question now is, how do you, as a parent, make sure your child never has self-esteem issues?

Do not withhold praises

Praises for little and big wins should be encouraged all round. A child should not have to feel like they need to climb Mount Everest before they get a pat on the back. This ignites a positive feeling in the child and makes them feel good about themselves.

Accept them for who they are

Confidence also stems from acceptance; a lot of times, a child has to be assured that they are not alone. Whatever they are going through, they should be allowed to freely express themselves in the home. They should not be judged and kicked to the corner.

Teach them about love

Teach children to love others around them just as they are loved. They should also understand that there is never an excuse for bringing people down because they look a certain way. They should strive to always spread love and smiles wherever they find themselves.

Lead by example

Lead by example always. One cannot teach a child what one does not follow, it just doesn’t work that way. A child is more motivated by what they see. Parents, teachers, or adults around are immediate sources of this motivation.

Let them see you lift others up, let them see you say good things about people. Even if you are Mrs. positive affirmation to them, the way you treat others when you think they are not looking matters just as much.

Final words

A lot of who a child is comes from both within and around them. Children see themselves more positively when they feel good about themselves when their family is loving and caring. When they have a good support system, they eat happy meals and are taught to spread love and light.

It only takes some effort on your part, but these little things will have a long-lasting effect on the lives of your children. We have way too many broken adults in our society today. For many of them, it all started when they were little and their parents decided to play ping pong with their feelings. Do not be that parent, take responsibility, and watch your child grow and blossom.

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