Don’t ignore these signs; you could be at a risk of cancer

Cancer has been known to be one of the world’s leading killer disease. Many Nigerians didn’t believe that cancer could affect people in this part of the world, but with the recent increase in mortality as a result of cancer, it’s high time more attention is paid to this disease. Although the disease can be treated, its deaths nevertheless occur because a lot of cancer patients are diagnosed too late, especially in Nigeria. Once a cancer has spread, it is often harder to treat successfully, thereby reducing the person’s chances of survival. It is however important to know about this disease in order not be at risk of cancer.

One thing about cancer is that, it doesn’t just develop suddenly; there are usually signs and symptoms that indicate that there’s a problem but most often these signs and symptoms are ignored. Many Nigerians are probably currently at risk of cancer but are not doing anything about the warning signs because of a poor health seeking attitude.

risk of cancer

In this article, I would be sharing some of the most commonly ignored cancer symptoms. Note that if you do experience any or some of these symptom, it does not necessarily mean that you may have cancer, but it is best for you to pay a healthcare professional a visit:

Sudden Weight Loss: A sudden weight loss without any reason might be a sign of cancer. If you notice to have shed so much weight within a short time, then you should immediately see your doctor for further evaluation.

Fatigue: One sign which could be related to cancer and so many other diseases is fatigue. If you are feeling extremely tired even after hours of rest, it is advised you pay your doctor a visit.

Hoarseness: A hoarse voice can also be a sign of cancer. If this continues for a longer period then you must see your doctor as it may be dangerous. It could be a red flag signaling that one is at risk of cancer

Pains: This is one symptom that should be taken seriously. If you are having back pain or headache which is not going away even after being treated by your doctor, then it might be a serious issue as this could indicate a cancer that has already started spreading.

Lumps: If you notice any lump or some sort of swelling in your body which you feel is growing or causing discomfort, then you must consult with your doctor. Also note that lumps could also indicate something more serious.

When talking about cancer, early detection is the key; and you’re the only one who’s better in finding new strange signs in your body. If you have any of these signs please don’t panic, and please don’t ignore. All you need to do is to see a healthcare professional.