Is Water Therapy the Magic Potion to Most Illnesses ?

Water is basically 70% of the world. Think about it; 70% of the earth is water, 70% of the human body is also made up of water. And guess what, even the air we breathe in and out is heavy with water vapour. We simply can’t live without water. That’s why it’s absolutely no wonder that there is a widely acclaimed, all-healing WATER THERAPY.

In case you haven’t heard of this before, or somehow belong to the classes of people who ignore Social media broadcasts, here goes. Water therapy is a kind of diet/lifestyle/therapy that has adherents drinking about six glasses of water first thing in the morning. This therapy is touted to have some awesome benefits for the body, from weight loss to arthritis.

Wild claims I agree. But what exactly is the deal with water therapy? Is it really possible for something as simple as a few glasses of water before saying your prayers to be so effective? What are the hazards that might be involved, and how easy it is to gulp down so much water at once?


The Fountain of Water Therapy

Most health proponents talk about at least 8 glasses or 2 litres of water everyday for a healthy body. This Japanese therapy claims that starting the day with about six glasses of water, on an empty stomach, is key for good health. The Ayurvedic sources of this therapy also propose taking hot water with food and staying away from cold water.

Epilepsy, arthritis, migraine, and hypertension are some of the serious diseases the therapy reduces or treats. Weight loss, constipation, menstrual irregularities and sinusitis are some less severe cases that are treated with water therapy.

This therapy was proposed in recent times by a certain physician, Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj during his time as a political prisoner. The doctor claims that most diseases that people suffer from especially at old age are merely signs of chronic dehydration.

The theory is that, waiting till you feel thirst before drinking water is actually dehydrating. Our bo0dies get used to the lack of water so much that as we age, signs of chronic dehydration appear. These include arthritis, constipation, migraines, body aches and pains, diabetes, high blood pressure, tuberculosis and even cancer.

Water therapy has been long practised in Japan and is traced to ancient Ayurvedic practises. The Japanese also do not take cold water with their food. The effectiveness of water therapy depends a lot on the quality of water being drunk. The water should be pure, lukewarm or warm, and slightly alkaline.


How It Works

Clean bottled water
Good quality, pure and slightly alkaline water.
  1. Take about six glasses of water every morning before brushing your teeth. You could just measure a litre and half of water and you are good to go. You must not be hungover, so no alcohol the preceding night.
  2. Brush your teeth and go about your daily business.
  3. Do not take any meal or beverage until about 45 minutes to an hour after you have taken the water.
  4. During the course of the day, take the recommended amount of water, at least 6 cups at 40cl per cup.
  5. Do not eat or drink anything until two hours after each major meal.


Common Health Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

Drinking Water
Get the healthy benefits of drinking water regularly even without water therapy.
  • It cleans out the colon. A cleaner colon absorbs nutrients better and faster.
  • Water is the best at flushing toxins out of your body.
  • Healthy, glowing and supple acne free skin.
  • Healthy weight and metabolism

Why Water Therapy?

The ancient traditional practises that brought water therapy believed that every illness begins from the gut. So, an unhealthy gut begets a world of diseases. Lack of energy, gastric problems and digestive tract issues are all a result of imbalance in the stomach.

Water therapy is absolutely cheap, all you need is lots of drinking water.

Water therapy aids digestion and prevents digestive problems like constipation and

Dehydration slows down body metabolism and makes weight loss quite difficult. Water therapy is an efficient

Side Effects?

You can get a bit bloated when you take lot of water at once
Woman With Stomachache

The side effects are quite manageable if there are any at all. Frequent urination and bowel movement are the most you could get. If you overdo the water quantity, you could experience some temporary bloating or water intoxication.

In very rare occasions, over-hydration occurs when large quantities of water is consumed within a short period of time. Tens of liters o water have to be consumed to reach this state and could lead to death. This should not happen with the stipulated quantities of water for the therapy.

This therapy is not recommended for children, their body size and system might not comfortably take so much water at once.

Getting started

Sray gealthy with at least eight glasses of water daily.
Staying healthy with proper hydration.

Drinking so much water on an empty stomach isn’t an easy task. This is why it doesn’t have to be an immediate all guns blazing start. You can ease your way into water therapy by starting with quantities you are comfortable with.

Elderly people they can start with about 4 glasses of water instead of 6. Over time if they can, they gradually increase the water intake to the required 1.5 litres.

Also, instead of taking all 6 glasses at once you could take 3 or 4 glasses first and the remaining 3 in a few minutes.

Start with a glass a day if that’s what you can take. And a few minutes between each glass is still good.

Lemon water is a great substitute or additive to your morning water. Warm lemon water  also has some amazing medicinal properties.


Final Note

You will require different lenghts of therapy to treat different diseases with water therapy. Constipation requires just a single day of water therapy. Body aches and pains will reduce within a few weeks or less.

However, it is better to make a lifestyle of this therapy in order to enjoy long term benefits.