It’s Quiz O’clock! All About Depression

Depression has recently become a hot topic and you probably know so much by now.

Therefore, I expect you to enjoy this quiz.


#1. Genetics plays a role in the development of depression

#2. One's environment has no role in development of depression

#3. Substance abuse is a strong risk factor for depression

#4. Hormonal changes contribute to depression

#5. Depression may cause insomnia or hypersomnia

#6. Postpartum depression is also called baby blues

#7. Mothers who are younger than 20 and lack family and social support are likely to develop postpartum depression

#8. It is possible for a mother with postpartum depression to harm her baby

#9. One of the key steps in caring for depression is to seek professional help as early as possible

#10. Exercise is not important in managing depression



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