It’s Quiz O’clock! Test your knowledge of Neonatal Jaundice

Neonatal jaundice has been identified as a cause of permanent brain damage in children, if not properly treated.

Let’s see how much you know about this early childhood condition.

Neonatal Jaundice
Jaundice in newborns can be very dangerous


#1. Neonates are newborns in their first 28 days of life

#2. Bilirubin is produced from the breakdown of red blood cells

#3. Neonatal jaundice is commoner among full-term babies

#4. Jaundice occurs in neonates primarily because they have immature liver

#5. One of the key symptoms in neonatal jaundice is yellowness of the eyes and skin

#6. Permanent damage to the child's brain caused by neonatal jaundice is termed kernicterus

#7. Severe jaundice resolves on its own

#8. In every case of neonatal jaundice, the baby is transfused with healthy blood

#9. Neonatal jaundice is preventable


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