Kolanut: An amazingly small world of benefits

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I stumbled on a friend of mine. After exchanging pleasantries, we started talking and then I noticed a white substance on the side of his lip. “Did you just finish eating bread?” I asked him. “No, it’s kola nut”. I reached out to help remove it and then stopped abruptly. “Kola nut? I thought it was for old people and for use in traditional gatherings, why are you taking kola nut? It is not even sweet! So tell me why”. He laughed and then told me about the numerous benefits kola nut has to offer. With the way he spoke, I had to ask if he had done a research on kola nut. He laughed some more, reached out to dust away the white substance from the side of his lip and he told me he had not studied on it, but that he actually notices some of these benefits in his body whenever he takes kolanut. I was amazed that there is such wealth embedded in kola nuts and I was more amazed at the fact that these benefits can be visibly noticed. So I did some research.


Outlined below are some health benefits that can be derived from consumption of kola nut:

  • Kola nut has a high caffeine content and due to this fact, it can serve as a stimulant, increasing the heart rate. This may be dangerous to people with already existing heart challenges, it can however provide metabolism boost for those with slow metabolism. This can also lead to increased oxygenation to some essential body parts like the brain.


  • Kola nut is very useful in improving digestion, and nutrient intake. It helps reduce cramping and constipation.
  • Kola nut may serve to increase immunity against infections and diseases.


  • Bitter kola nut has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antiviral properties and can be used as a form of cold remedy. It is particularly effective in treating cough and arresting nasal congestions.

Bitter Kola after consumption increases the urge to take in water, hence it can serve as a form of hunger suppressant and also act as a form of weight loss.

Despite these wonderful facts about kola nut, there are a few precautions. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid the use of kola nut. People with heart problems should also stay away as kola nut has the ability to increase heart rate. It also be used by people suffering from insomnia as it has very high caffeine content.