Life in Lagos: In Gidi, You Survive | Monday Survival Tips

Gidi! Gidi, as it is fondly called, is always on the move! The movement is Fast on a capital F. The competition is so much just as the Olympics is. There’s a saying I lived by while growing up, “Shine Your Eyes, This is Lagos”. Oh yes! Lagos is an early riser too so this is not your city if you ain’t ready to be kicked here and there. You could live to the fullest if you get certain tips to keep you going. That’s why I would be sharing one; my Monday survival tips in Gidi.

The best way to begin a new week and ensure a healthy week, especially in Gidi, is to get sufficient information on how to make it possible. Here, I would be sharing these survival tips in Gidi just for you. I hope I get the thanks sooner.

Avoid Skipping Breakfast:

Hey Young man/lady, why the rush? You shouldn’t just do that which you think is normal. Breakfast no matter how little comes with so many health benefits as it is a great kick-start to the day. Breakfast is essential in kick-starting your metabolism and getting essential vitamins and minerals into your body to help you take on the day.


Sorry, it’s Monday.  C’mon, I don’t think you were expecting me to tell you to jog round your work table or do pushups at the office? Exercise could come in any form. Here, I would recommend you taking short walks during breaks or stretching once in a while to avoid maintaining one sitting posture for long. You could also try using the stairs when going out.

Eat Healthy:

When it’s break, I would advise you have a healthy diet as this would help your body in its efforts to heal itself. Note that, moderation is the key to keeping those extra calories off. Get the perfect lunch and ensure it’s a balanced one.

Manage Stress:

survival tips

Disconnect! You could turn off your phone and computer when necessary. This will help you relieve stress; as stress has been known to have negative effects on our health such as slowing metabolism and increasing fat retention.

Fuel your Body:


survival tips

Ensure you are not dehydrated. Drink lots of water and other nutritional fluid, but avoid having too much soda drinks. You can find a water bottle you love and keep it full all day long or you can set a timer for every 1 hour or 2 to refuel your body. Doing this gives a boost in metabolism and also helps with weight loss and improved energy.

Advocate Health:

Health Advocate

Always, always, I would ask you to advocate health, for this is a key to keeping up with all the above mentioned survival tips. Be able to talk to your colleagues at work and correct them politely. By doing this, you enlighten them about healthful habits, and this also serves as a reminder to you.


I love this city, and the city loves me right back and I’m sure you do love it too. So, in my own little way, I would urge you to live by this survival tips so Gidi would be a lovable place for us all amid its hustles and bustles.

Do have a great week ahead. Yours Truly