#MCM – RMD: See how to make aging graceful…

Everyone wants to live forever, or at least look good for as long as they can. Garbage in, Garbage out is as true in the way our bodies work as it is with computer systems. So in the end how your body turns out: mind, eye, skin and all depend a lot on your diet and then some other factors like lifestyle and genetics. Eating healthy is really one sure way to look younger, however, some foods help aging entirely graceful.

Take a look at the following, it’s a great place to start:

  • Garlic: Garlic is a very rich herb known to slow down the ageing process a great deal. The good thing about garlic is that even though you don’t enjoy to take it whole, garlic powder can be used as a food seasoning.

anti-aging foods

  • Leafy veggies: It is known that these vegetables rich in fibre and nutrients have the ability to have you looking ever young. Some leafy veggies include broccoli, pumpkin (ugwu), and cabbage.
  • Whole grains and grains rich in fibre are also anti-aging foods. Asides this, they also help in good heart health and weight loss.

anti-aging foods

  • Avocado: When mashed up, it can be used to treat dry, itchy skin and eczema. It contains healthy fat which helps your skin stay hydrated. This fat also helps in absorption of some nutrients needed by the skin, making it a wonderful anti-aging agent. It can also be eaten raw and the pulpy part inside can be used to eat other whole foods, bread.
  • Red wine: It is not all alcohol, it also has wonderful health benefits. One of which is that it helps you age gracefully. It also helps reduces bad cholesterol.

anti-aging foods

  • Beans, a wonderful food high in fibre also helps fight against aging.
  • Oats asides containing a component that soothes skin irritation is known to be low-glycemic (meaning it doesn’t spike your body sugar level. Foods that are high-glycemic like rice, yes rice, can cause wrinkles and acne).
  • Orange is also an excellent anti-aging food. Fruits and vegetables in general help slow down the ageing process but orange has plenty of water (meaning it keeps your skin and cells hydrated.
  • And above all, the very blessing of nature itself:
    Water! Taking lots and lots of it is equivalent to you keep your skin hydrated, which helps the overall appearance of your skin.

There you have it, just maybe when you are seventy, you can also be my man crush. Remember, it’s garbage in, garbage out. Take time to take care of your body so that you would like my forever crush (RMD) age like fine wine…

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