Modern Breakthroughs Set to Change the Health Industry

In appreciation, we would be turning over to science, because we now know more about our health than ever before.

Many medical breakthroughs and innovations have been around the corner, happening all the time, ranging from the anticipated to the unbelievable. Here in today’s article, we would be having a look at a few of these game-changing medical innovations.

The Hair Saver

Several factors could trigger hair loss in the body, but cancer has been known to be a major factor. Truly, there is really no bright side to cancer, however, losing your hair during chemo really inflates the severity of the injury.

Although researchers are still trying to find a cure to the devastating disease, thanks to science and technology, there is at least a new FDA-approved treatment that helps in reducing hair loss for chemotherapy patients.

The Dignitana DigniCap Cooling System works by cooling the scalp – which reduces blood flow to the area – so less chemo reaches the hair cells.

The AIDS- Fighting Condom

Yes, condoms have been known to help fight the transfer of HIV, all forms of STDs and also unwanted pregnancies. Today we dream of a future where condoms don’t just passively protect from all these, but goes further to fight against AIDS.

Along with condoms that change colors to warn you of the presence of an STD, researchers are currently developing a condom that contains AIDS-fighting antioxidants.

The hydrogel rubber will be enhanced with plant-based antioxidants that fight the AIDS virus, so even if the condom breaks, you’re still protected.

The Double Chin Eraser

Science has figured out a solution to the double-chin problem. Kybella, which was FDA approved last year, promises to melt away double chin – literally.

The injection causes the fat cells under the skin to dissolve and melt away, so you can tighten up that turkey neck.

The Pain Killer Patch

Popping pills could be disheartening, but once again thanks to science and technology, this soon would be over, as you won’t have to pop pills anytime you have a headache or body pain.

Researchers have developed the first painkiller patch, which delivers ibuprofen through the skin in a constant dose for up to 12 hours.

Another major advantage of the patch is that it delivers the drug to a localized area—so if your shoulder hurts after a strenuous gym session, you’ll be able to slap a patch directly onto the sore area for fast relief.


How better could this get? Time will truly tell. Most of these innovations are only a few years from now – while some are already working.

As we anticipate these breakthroughs, let us try the little we can to always stay healthy.