New Bird Flu Case Recorded as Government Closes 62 Farms in Plateau State

As another bird flu case resurface, the government of Plateau State has taken no hesitation in closing about 62 poultry farms and also destroying more than 190,000 birds affected by the flu across the state.

The Director of Veterinary Services in the state’s Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Doris Bitrus, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in the state’s capital that the disease had continued to spread.

She stated that the disease has been more prevalent in Jos South,  Jos North,  Jos East and Bassa local government areas of the state.

She also stated that the government is working toward promoting more bio-safety measures to check the spread of the disease.

She also stated the major reason behind the spread which was due to the non payment of compensation to farmers whose birds were affected, that instead of losing most of their birds, they would prefer to sell their sick birds to desperate marketers.

With such distrust, controlling or curbing further spread of the hydra-headed disease will be pretty difficult” – she said.

Bitrus advised poultry farmers to adopt and maintain stringent biosecurity measures to fight and protect the poultry industry.