My people hope say you don hear this new gist and tori wey dey ground so?? Dem don bring another confirm gbedu come again ooo…e don get one new tuberculosis (TB) vaccine wey don show positive results when dem try am for mice.
Dem yan say if the study succeeds, e go become the number one ogbonge new TB vaccine. As e be say 10.4 million people don sick unto TB wahala and just 1.8 million don kick bucket, caput as at 2015.
But according to wetin World Health Organisation yan, dem talk say “nearly half a million of multi-resistant TB cases don exist tete…
But as e dey hot now, this new vaccine dey use biobeads as platform to helep present the antigens wey dey inside tuberculosis bacterium to the immune system.
According to the research wey dem make, dem bin develop one hypothesis, wey show say these proteins fit also function as antigens sef.
One report talk say the new TB vaccine research dey use these mycobacterial biobeads to vaccinate mice and dem come test the mice for immune response… e make correct sense abi??
Evidence don show say cell-mediated immunity get power and dey protective against TB.
Their future study goals protection and immunisation also get better efficient purification and protection methods for the vaccine.
The researcher come kill and come break the bacteria, come purify the biobeads. Dem dey completely natural and dey known for biodegradation
Dem see evidence say cell-mediated immunity get confirm potential to dey protective against TB.
However, dem don create the current TB vaccine tete, since 1921 and this current TB vaccine fit cause disease for people body, once the immune system don dey compromised.
As e dey go now, the new TB vaccine dey expected to dey better along with additional lab tests and study, plenty hope dey for this current vaccine.