Surprising Fact: Nigerian Foods That Helps Burn Belly Fat

You or someone you is seriously seeking how to lose weight. Truthfully, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Weight gain is due to a combination of factors. Some of which include diet, lifestyle, genetics. One major body fat that is difficult to lose is belly fat. Just about the same rules apply. Today, we’d look at diet. A lot of Nigerian foods are said to be fattening. While that is partly true, there are also some Nigerian foods that helps burn belly fat.

Nigerian Foods that Helps Burn Belly Fat.


Plantain, especially the unripe one, that is the green one is very rich in fiber. Fiber has a way of making you feel full, which can be useful in weight control.

Nigerian foods that helps burn belly fat

Ofada Rice

You must have heard that to lose weight you should stay away from carbohydrates. And most of our common Nigerian foods are carbohydrates and it is almost impossible to go without them for long. Rice falls into this category. Ofada rice or brown rice affords you to eat rice as you lose weight. It is not only rich in complex carbohydrates, it is also rich in protein and it helps speed up metabolism which is very much needed in this weight loss journey. Ofada rice is also very rich in fiber.

nigerian foods that helps burn belly fat


Beans is a very rich source of both fiber and proteins, our weight loss drivers. I call them weight loss drivers because they help you stay full, hence you eat less. The protein in beans can also help you build some muscles, making you look trim as a bonus.

Nigerian foods that helps burn belly fat

Nigerian fruits, vegetables and nuts..

The list of foods in this class is quite lengthy. I would give a few: bananas, cashew nut, peanuts, garden eggs, cabbage, carrot, onion, and cucumber.

Nigerian Foods that helps burn belly fat


Mushrooms are made up of about 90% water, and contain very few calories. It can served as a natural substitute for meat. It allows you enjoy the tastiness of food as you lose weight.




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