Our New Health Resolutions for 2017

The holidays are over and work, school and other time taking activity has resumed. The hustle and bustle continues. For most of us, the year started on a good note while for others, it started on a not-too-good note. One good thing we all should have in mind is that we all made it through despite the tussles of 2016. It is never too late to make our health resolutions.

Like the previous year, we would be working with our “health resolutions” in order to ensure that we remain healthy all through the year. These resolutions are filled with healthy habits

Healthy Eating

We all are familiar with the saying, “healthy eating leads to healthy living”. We become what we eat. It is therefore advised that we eat healthily. Eat more fruits and vegetables. This year, try to cut down canned foods and junks. Avoid always rushing meals and also avoid starving yourself. The temptation to always chew on something while working would always be there, but you should try your possible best to stay away from unhealthy snacking.

Proper rest

Taking time off your busy schedule to give your body a good rest is very important. Some give excuses that they have gotten used to short nights, but over time, inadequate sleep would tell on your health. It is advisable to always get 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.



I know you must have probably heard about this several times. This is because the importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasized. Skipping exercise could be very easy for people living in big cities due to their very tight schedule. Exercise has many health benefits, one of which is that it acts as a form of relaxation as it helps you ease off accumulated stress and relax your nerves. You don’t have to hit the gym before you can say you’ve exercised, you can exercise as you go about normal daily activities. Walking, Climbing and jogging are some forms of exercise.

Reduce or stop alcohol intake

Alcohol hasn’t been known to bring good memories but rather destroy the good ones. Make a resolution to stop or reduce your alcohol intake. You could go from 4 to 5 bottles a day to 2 bottles, or you could restrict it to occasionally. It is advised that you don’t drink at all because asides from hangovers which are associated with alcohol, it damages organs like the kidney and liver, brain malfunctions and gastrointestinal disorders.

Do not isolate yourself from people

Isolation could lead to getting depressed easily. Engage yourself in small talks that will boost your mood, improve mental functioning and create good memories. Share problems with close friends and relatives.

Build healthy daily habits: Pay attention to those little things that matter; your posture, the way you feed generally, your personal hygiene and the likes. Ensuring you stay away from germs and other flu should be part of these health resolutions.

Much has been said and the rest is left to us. Only a healthy individual would be able to go about his/her daily activity with ease. I urge you to adopt these new health resolutions, and be committed and disciplined in following through with them. I wish you all a very healthy 2017!

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