Palm oil: How Dangerous Could it be After Consumption?

Red palm oil which is also called virgin palm oil, derived from the fruit of oil palm tree (Elaeis guineenis) is arguably one of the foremost natural resources of our time. The Red Gold as It’s been nicknamed by users as really become a controversial debate, been nature’s gift to the world and by some is seen as a curse.

Most Nigerians do like this oil, especially the mouthwatering taste and looks it adds to our food, and when you look at any pot of soup/stew you can be guaranteed to see a good layer of oil spreading on top these foods.

I could recall vividly when I visited a restaurant to eat, I couldn’t resist the taste of the meal being prepared with palm oil, but along the line I discovered that the soup was so oily, so I asked the attendant “why is the food so oily?” she gave me a rib cracking reply and said to me, ha! sir that’s the secrete behind the palatable food o, I just couldn’t say a word.

It’s sad to discover that most people haven’t heard about the health warnings about oil, and the health dangers of poly saturated fats, cholesterol present found in palm oil when consumed excessively in an oxidized state.

The potential impact of excess intake of palm oil from high-fat diets causes low-grade inflammation, linked to insulin resistance, obesity and a couple of other disease issues, triggering inflammation which leads to increase in endotoxin load in your serum

I just taught of digging deep to present this to you, that “bad” palm oil is a serious issue to your well-being, because palm oil has no trans fats, and contains high level of fat, which expose you to cardiovascular health issues when consumed in excess.

In support to these warning about the dangers of excess intake of palm oil, Clinical studies have proven that excessive palm oil raises blood cholesterol level and the palmitic acid in it, increases the level of cholesterol, a widely known risk factor for heart diseases.

You might be thinking if I am persuading you from taking this palm oil, not at all. I only want you to see the essence and reason why you should consume it moderately, so you can enjoy the benefits of this virgin oil and avoid the effects of excess intake of it in diets.