Pawpaw Leaves and Their Potential Healing Effects

Its really amazing having realized and maximized the wonderful benefits lying beneath common plants and herbs surrounding us and our environment. From the known facts  and research carried out, we shall  be looking at the potential healing benefits of pawpaw tree (leaves) and their potential uses.

Pawpaw (Carica Papaya) as the names implies, is cultivated in most tropical countries and in the west African parts of the continent. These leaves are very medicinal in nature, and contain a very powerful healing compounds that are very important for great health and vitality.

The leaves have been researched successfully and used, especially when dried and grounded, and with the series of tests carried out with it on mice, it has really  shown some potential indications that the tumors found in humans can be averted, using  the papaya leaf extracts as treatments.


pawpaw leaf-extracts has the potential abilities in doing the following:

Cancer: papaya leaves have milky sap, good for preventing and killing cancerous cells. People have been cured by just drinking paw paw leaf tea. papaya leaves contain actives agents that kills cancer, especially prostate, liver, breast and lung cancer, etc.

Menstrual Pains: when you take 6 papaya leaves, boiling them in a volume of 1 liter of water for like 20 minutes, and adding any kind of nice juice that suits your health taste, after cooling and drinking one cup of it, 3 consecutive time,  can relieve menstrual pains.

Anti-Aging and Laxative: papaya leaves contain 50 or more amino acids and these biological active agents are used in cosmetics as anti-aging compounds. The leaves can also serve as a good laxative in treating constipation, when made into a strong tea.

Increase Appetite: Papaya Leaf tea increases appetite, by bringing vigor and vitality back

Increase Platelet Count: Papaya Leaf Tea cure cures thrombocythemia or low platelet counts which keeps a person blood from clotting. There are many studies showing that Papaya Leaf Tea can increase blood counts, work on dengue fever and lots more.

With these few points of mine. My advise is, don’t only read but act as well, by tapping into the enormous riches embedded in these natural herbs and plants surrounding us.