Rapid Weight Loss: 10 Reasons You Might Not Want It

Rapid weight loss is a dream come through for about half of the civilized world, especially females. Crash diets, extreme diets, fasting, pills, supplements, and fillers abound. If we are to believe all these fad diets and rapid weight loss programs, losing weight fast is as simple as ABC…

The ease of weight gain is something we are all too familiar with, as well as attendant problems. Diabetes, heart problems and just plain aesthetics are some leading causes of rapid weight loss. Unfortunately, people get desperate to see results as soon as possible. This pushes individuals to try various quick fixes to lose weight ASAP.

But, in the midst of the rush to the perfect body, how is your health actually faring?

When it comes to weight loss, think of it this way: would you entrust your life to a plane assembled within a few days? Or would you be confident to move into a house built within 3 weeks? If any of these scenarios give you pause, then why entrust your life to a body made perfect within a few weeks?

The results would all be the same, there is a high probability of a BIG CRASH!!!


10 Problems that Could Arise from Rapid Weight Loss

Each diet and weight loss program have a set of guidelines and requirements for them to work, just like medicine. Also, there exists various side effects and negative results with some of these diets.

Extreme or rapid weight loss might cause health issues
  1. Dehydration

    A good percentage of the water our body needs is tied up in the foods we eat. Gross reductions in meals and liquids consumption will leave your body at a loss of fluids. A lot of the weight loss attributed to quick fix weight loss programs is simply water weight. This is especially true for a diet or program that involves outright starvation.

  2. Malnutrition

    Weight loss means running from too much calories. And of course, foods form the bedrock of building calories, so it makes sense to want to keep intake low. Unfortunately, your body needs nutrition, also provided by this same culprit. Drastic and unguided rapid weight loss programs might result in lack of essential nutrients.

  3. Electrolyte imbalance

    Our bodies are run by the minute on electrolytes. Even the smallest electrolytic imbalance can result in some very noticeable consequences. Uneven heartbeats, blood pressures and other heart functions are controlled by electrolytes. Some kidney functions are also affected by the electrolytes in human bodies. Throwing this balance off course will result in quite a shock for your body. Rapid starvation of certain electrolytes might has dire consequences for your body.

  4. Loss of muscle mass

    Muscles aren’t only for six-packed, rippling body builders. Basic functions such as chewing and walking make sue of some muscles, more than a few even. Muscles depend a lot on protein and a shortage of proteins leads to a loss of muscles. This in turns slows down the metabolism and makes losing weight that much harder.

  5. Gallstones

    These are fatty cholesterol deposits which form as a result of being overweight. Losing some weight is definitely beneficial in getting rid of them as they lead to nausea, vomiting, and terrible stomach aches. But on the flip side, rapid weight loss increases the chances of gallstones. In extreme cases, the gallbladder might need to be removed.

  6. Loose skin

    Loose skin on a fit man
    Loose skin

    When the skin doesn’t have adequate time to regain its elasticity while losing weight, it results in loose folds. These folds are particularly visible on the arms, legs, and mid-region.

  7. Drop in blood sugar level:

    The situation might arise in diabetics. If you are placed on insulin it is advisable to watch the rate at which you remove carbs from your diet to avoid hypoglycemic reactions.

  8. Low Blood Pressure

    For those who are on blood-pressure regulating drugs, they also run the risk of steep drop if they undergo rapid weight loss. This could lead to dizziness and light-headedness.

  9. Lack of official regulation

    Most supplements and rapid weight loss drugs are not properly regulated. The risks involved in taking them are not well-documented. Taking such drugs are therefore at the consumer’s risk.

  10. Sustainability

    It is not rocket science to deduce that, most weight lost fast, comes back just as fast. Many people undergo rigorous diets and exercises for a couple of months or so, but afterward gain it all. The lack of a sustainable lifestyle change makes it quite difficult to keep the weight off.

Easy come, easy go is the way of some super-skinny bodies from quick fixes. It’s important to remember that the goal is not to lose weight, but rather to stay healthy. Go on, and get that plan that helps you live healthily.