Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Bra On

The temptation to jump into bed without pulling off your bra is almost always there especially after a long day. Even if you get the nudge to pull it off, once you remember the myth that it makes your breasts remain firmer, you just totally ignore the nudge. I mean, who doesn’t want their breast to remain ‘forever young’?

Contrary to what you may know, it is very unhealthy to sleep with your bra on. Studies have shown that taking the extra time to pull off your bra can make significant difference on your health and it absolutely doesn’t prevent your breasts from sagging!

One major side-effect of sleeping with your bra on is irritation of the breast – especially from the parts that dig in: the straps, the hooks or the under-wire. This irritation felt can keeping you tossing in bed and prevent you from sleeping soundly.

Infections can also set in. One common example of such infection is breast fungus, majorly caused by constant moist around the breast. So going to bed with a bra on especially if it is ill-fitting and in a hot weather can cause sweat to form on the breasts. This creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus, leading to infection.

Sleep with your bra on

Again, a bra especially when tight restricts flow to the lymph nodes around the breast region. What this means is that it hinders the proper functioning of the system in getting rid of toxins from the body. It can also hinder proper circulation especially of the nerves around the arms and blood flow. This leads to restlessness and discomfort while sleeping.

Hyperpigmentation. This simply means when a part of your body is unduly darker than others. Constantly having your bra on dark and night especially with very tight straps can cause this effect on the area where there is constant contact.

If you sleep with your bra on, this might just be for you to change. It really won’t take as much time as you think it would.