Sex During Pregnancy: How Safe?

Sex is one major way most couples stay connected. It is a very strong ingredient in relationships. The benefits of sex both physically and emotionally to both parties is one reason to keep at it right till your due date comes. It becomes an issue for concern though when the woman takes in: sex during pregnancy, especially for first-time parents.

How safe is sex during pregnancy?

So long as your pregnancy is progressing normally, you can have sex as often as you’d like to have it. There are certain complications however that would warrant abstinence from sex till delivery. This isn’t always the case though. In some cases, a modification might just be required, maybe in the timing or position.

How about the baby?

Apart from complications, sex during pregnancy doesn’t hurt the baby. The penis during sexual intercourse doesn’t go past the vagina. Moreover, the amniotic sac and other protection in the mother’s womb are there to keep the baby safe.
There is also the misconception that a fab sexual intercourse or series of orgasms can lead to forced labor or a miscarriage. That is untrue. Orgasms may come with uterine contractions but they don’t last and they are harmless.

Why don’t I feel up to it?

Some parts of a woman’s body feel fuller and more sensitive during pregnancy, such as the breasts. While this may be a turn on for most women, some would prefer those parts aren’t touched at all. Some others just don’t feel having sex and that is fine.
In the midst of all the excitement that comes with pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, emotional imbalance, stress and other changes might dampen your interest in sex.
As the pregnancy advances and your tummy bulges more, your regular sex position may become awkward and uneasy for you. There is absolutely no need to force it, there are other more comfortable sex positions you can try out with your partner.

Several factors can spike or dampen you interest in sex during pregnancy. Whatever the case may be, feel free to communicate same with your partner so that the act is both pleasurable and comfortable for you. There are also other forms or physical intimacy asides sex, be open to explore options with your partner and experiment more.