How Soon After Waking Up Should You Eat Breakfast?

While missing breakfast is bad habit, the timing is also very key. Ideally, you should eat breakfast as soon as your feet hit the ground. Deciding what to eat it and the best time to eat are very important decisions that can determine how well your day kicks off.

Contrary to what people think, eating early enough has been associated with lower body weight. This is one among the many benefits that comes with eating breakfast and at the right time. A major disadvantage of delaying eating in the morning is that you are likely to opt for unhealthier choices out of hunger. The probability that you’d choose better food options is higher if you eat breakfast early.

When your body is asleep, your metabolism slows down and it needs fuel (in form of food) to kick start your metabolism when you wake up. It also keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels regulated as it does this. Studies show that cortisol, the stress hormone is on the rise when you wake till you eat. This explains why late breakfasters are often times in a bad mood when you haven’t had breakfast. So it is safe to say having breakfast on time in the mornings can improve your mood.

It is also very important that you give yourself sufficient time for your dinner to digest before going to bed so that you don’t wake with a belly full of undigested food.

As regards quantity also, it is best to eat lightly, what is just enough for your body. Forcing food consumption is not healthy for your body. Recommended foods as breakfast includes: whole grains, fruits, eggs, protein.