Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy Lagos

The rains have exposed the unhealthiness of Lagos. With drainages getting blocked and houses getting flooded, cold, flu and other diseases like them are on the rise. Irrespective of how polluted an environment is, there are always things you can do in stay healthy, protect yourself from the effects of the pollution and the other down sides that comes with living in the city.

Tips to staying healthy in an unhealthy Lagos

  • Protect your airways.

    Most big cities have polluted air, Lagos is not an exemption. There are pollution from different sources and they are all hitting your lungs at the same time. While you can’t refuse to breathe as you go through the streets of Lagos, you can excuse yourself from a polluted air when you can For instance when you are in a room with a smoker or in the face of fuming smoke from a car’ exhaust, do not hesitate to excuse yourself. Avoid rush-hour as much as you can to reduce your exposure to pollution.

  • Don’t just settle with the food Lagos offers you.

    Eat out less, take time to make healthy food. Opt for healthier food options. Because, years from now, the effect of your food choices would tell on your general health as food is a major source of toxins. Some of these effects are short term while others are long term.

    pollution in lagos

  • Keep your environment clean.

    I can’t emphasize this enough. It goes beyond just you. It is a collective effort because unlike other factors, a dirty environment affects you and the environment too. The recent flooding in some areas is good example. So learn to trash your dirt properly. Stop throwing dirt out of your car in traffic, it is bad practice.

  • Don’t let the city live your life for you.

    It is so easy to fit into the fast track lagosians, however I’d say go against the norm and take out time to breathe once in a while. Sleep well, you perform better if you do anyway. Don’t make rushing out in the morning without breakfast a habit. Cut down on the stress levels, however busy the city is, take out time to exercise, eat well and find time to relax!