Surprising factors that are killing your sex drive.

Everyone deserves a fulfilling and healthy sex life. While it is normal to not be in the mood once in a while, when it becomes too frequent – it spells of trouble. A lot of times, a combination of little factors here and there can be responsible for killing your sex drive. Lack of a healthy sex drive in a relationship can create tension between you and your spouse, leaving you sad and depressed.
You would be amazed to find out how tweaking these factors and paying more attention to changes in your body would improve your sex drive by a great deal. Poor sex drive most times can be prevented.

The number one culprit is stress! Fatigue and tiredness from stress can kill your sex drive faster than anything. Sleep is needed for a healthy sex drive… When you say you are not in the mood, your body is really saying you need rest. So, sleep more and do your best to manage stress. See some tips here.

Too much booze. Contrary to what a lot of people think, too much alcohol actually doesn’t help the “down-there” business. Erectile dysfunction and a drop in your libido is just to mention a few. So much as possible, cut down on your alcohol intake.

Snoring. Whether it is coming from you or your partner, snoring is a symptom of a condition, sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is known to deplete the testosterone levels in both men and women. A fall in the level of female testosterone is responsible for lack of desire. So if you are snoring, you can see your doctor to rule out the possibility of sleep apnea and resume treatment immediately if needed.
In the same vein, if it is your partner that is snoring, apart from the possibility of sleep apnea, let’s just say it isn’t best for setting the mood right. See ways on how to resolve this here

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You don’t drink sufficient water. Surprised, right? Well, dehydration causes vaginal dryness which can make sex painful and orgasm difficult to achieve. Consequently, it can make sex undesirable.
Way out? Consciously drink more water. Make a deliberate effort to ensure you have up to eight glasses of water in a day.

Caffeine. Too much ingestion of caffeine whether in drinks or food can aggravate already existing anxiety issues and that can reduce your sex drive.

Non-existent exercise plan. Seriously, I know you may not be aiming to lose weight and you probably think you are fit enough. But that isn’t all exercise does for you. Exercise creates an endorphin rush within you and helps you feel good about everything (including sex…). You really don’t have to hit the gym or own a treadmill, little activities during the day can constitute of enough exercises. Some of which are: Opting for the stairs rather than the lift, walking your dog down the street, or choosing to walk that small distance rather than drive. The benefits of exercising are numerous. Maintaining a healthy sex drive is just one.