Take this quiz about suicide

Take this quiz about suicide

As the Suicide Prevention Awareness week 2023 comes to an end, take this quiz to check how much you have learned about suicide.


#1. A complete suicide is the act of successfully killing one's self

#2. Suicide is majorly a problem of the Western world.

#3. Suicide is preventable.

#4. People often show signs before suicide

#5. Mental illness is an important risk factor for suicide

#6. Preoccupation with death and dying, as well as giving away precious belongings could be indicators that someone may attempt suicide.

#7. Once someone has been suicidal, they will always be suicidal.

#8. It is good to avoid asking people about suicidal ideations because asking will only make them want to do it.

#9. Suicide is not the answer to life's challenges.

#10. Children cannot attempt suicide


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