Thankful Thursday – 10 Handy Tips for today

Its mid-week already and most individuals can’t wait for the weekends to come. That which serves as a means of resting and cooling off from the week’s activities. Forgetting the fact that they could also optimize each day and remain healthy (maintain a healthy lifestyle).

Here are ten (10) handy  tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle today:

  • Stretch:


Learn to do stretching exercises when you wake up. It aids in boosting circulation and digestion, and eases back pain.

  • Avoid skipping breakfast:


Try and get something to feed on no matter how little. But ensure it is something beneficial. You could also try taking a few fruits.

  • Activate your brain:

Activating the Brain

Get your brain fizzling with energy. Get some neurobics for your mind.

  • Fuel your body:

Fuel the body

Ensure you hydrate your body. Drink lots of water and other nutritional fluid.

  • Trash your stress: Avoid all possible means of stressing yourself. Take a break (cool off) when the day’s activities starts getting tougher.
  • Socialize:

Socialize at work

Try mixing up and be free. Share some jokes and get that good laugh. Share tough problems and solutions about a difficult task. That way you also save your self from stress and anger issues.

  • Have a healthy diet:


A healthy diet would help your body in its efforts to heal itself, and I’m some cases, lessen the risk of serious illness. Have a healthy diet today!!!

  • Avoid sitting for so long:


Try standing and taking short walks in the office. Among others, this would help prevent fatigue and body pains.

  • Advocate health:

Be able to correct your colleagues gently of health habits that seem bad to you. This way you enlighten your them about healthful habits, and this also serves as a reminder. Also, be health conscious.

  • Night-Night:


Rest heals the body and has been shown to lessen the risk of heart trouble and other psychological problems. Have a good night rest.


Hope you find this useful?

Bear in mind that this tips could be incorporated every other day. Have a good day!!!